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Posted on May 26, 2012

Welcome to Cafe Primrose! This is the first post, I suppose I should tell you why I am writing this blog. Truth is, there isn’t any single reason. There are several.

People have been telling me for years I am fun to read, and interesting. They think I should be giving lectures. I don’t agree. I think lectures are over rated and I am not a fan of traditional education. For a range of reasons. I have also been hearing from those with tech savvy for all those years the ones who actually know me, that I should have a blog. Some of them have even tried to build me sites such as this one in the past they wanted me to blog so badly. I have finally relented and I prefer the idea of blogging to lecturing. So my husband, has built me this little slice of the internet. It is all mine and just for me. And as much as I thought I was going to hate writing regularly, even with this first post I am excited to introduce myself and I can not wait to get to know all of you out there.


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