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Posted on May 26, 2012

Welcome to Cafe Primrose! This is the first post, I suppose I should tell you why I am writing this blog. Truth is, there isn’t any single reason. There are several.

People have been telling me for years I am fun to read, and interesting. They think I should be giving lectures. I don’t agree. I think lectures are over rated and I am not a fan of traditional education. For a range of reasons. I have also been hearing from those with tech savvy for all those years the ones who actually know me, that I should have a blog. Some of them have even tried to build me sites such as this one in the past they wanted me to blog so badly. I have finally relented and I prefer the idea of blogging to lecturing. So my husband, has built me this little slice of the internet. It is all mine and just for me. And as much as I thought I was going to hate writing regularly, even with this first post I am excited to introduce myself and I can not wait to get to know all of you out there.

The next reason, I am bored and lonely. Pathetic I know. But you see, I had to leave my home behind some years back. When you are roaming around the world to places you have never been to cultures you don’t know…. You do sometimes feel very alone. The people I have met in my travels have been fun and lovely, kind and just…. Wonderful. But I come from the coast. I am lonely everywhere I can’t hear the sea birds yelling at each other. The smell of the ocean, the crashing waves, the rising of the tides… Without those things I can’t be more alone.

I am also, perhaps the world’s pickiest eater. To the tune of I am getting quite a weight problem I am very ashamed. Which is why I tell you all. Because, you are going to hold me to account as I am failing to do it right on my own. My eating habbits are deplorable. And I love making junk food and no worries I won’t stop. But, I also need you as a driving force to make other foods and to taste all the foods I have been too disgusted by for the last over 30 years to try. I am a grown up now. I want to have children soon. Only way I can do that, is if you all help me get over my food issues. If I can’t eat properly, I am not fit to try to become a parent. It is critical. So what do you say? Will you help me as I explore food as I have explored the planet?

I  love to make things. It is how I used to half support myself before I got married. Now, we live largely on one income and it is hard. So I have taken up again as I can’t work in this country, what I used to do. I am back to my old and evil tricks. Making things, blogging about it. We even opened a little etsy shop as I produce more than we can use. I value handmade arts and crafts and I hope to share it all with all of you.

I go all around the world. Canada, BG, Iceland (briefly), Finland and Sweden, Korea, Jamaica, etc…. I have been all over the planet. I have been studying people and their cultures for years. I have been learning their stories and their history and how it has affected them for a long time. I love to share some of the more dramatic tales here too sometimes. I also like to give advice onw here to go and what to see now and again. I enjoy good food at good restaurants, and going to see the sites. I am great for all that stuff as well. And if it isn’t in my blog you can always contact me and ask. We all need to know the whole world because we are all people. Each one of us, is just a reflection of the rest.

My life has been a dramatic difficult one with issues when i was a child that are so very painful talking about them is hard. I need a happy place. You are it. If you will do me such a great honor and favor. This blog is my escape. You will hear about married life my dreams and goals sometimes a political rant when politicians get too stupid to ignore. Yes, I know they are always that stupid but sometimes they go so far past that you just can’t ignore it. No matter how hard you try.

I will share about my family life, my husband the physicist may even write a post every now and again. Right now, he is all excited about the Higgs. So he is too busy dancing around the living room to blog about the find. He is also an avid stargazer and back at home we have a 5 foot telescope. So expect some blog posts about looking at the sky sometimes with pictures of the craters on the moon. Really, this is just about us what we do, where we go, how we live and the fun we have, while we try to learn to eat.

I dream of a small farm somewhere where I can grow organic produce and settle down to raise my family. A homestead, with area for our 2 dogs to run, a garden, some chickens and bees and perhaps other animals also. I wish for a great kitchen in which to create amazing healthy food from our garden, while I home educate my children. Perhaps, one day, we will get there…. But for now, we will wander, at least for a little longer. So please come along with us. Help us learn how to eat! My husband is almost as bad as I am about food. See the world with us, create with us, share with us…

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