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Simple German Rostbraten (Also Known As Roast Beef)

Posted on June 19, 2012

I am taking it easy tonight. Wasting my time eating junk food and generally being exhausted. First my mother came to visit from Boston for nearly 2 weeks. Less than a week later, my Finnish in laws came for a visit as well. I got totally hit with a double whammy. Now I am tired. So tonight, I thought I would share with all of you something incredibly boring and simple and keep this short.

Rostbraten fresh out of the oven. Allow to sit for 20 minutes out of the oven till it finishes it’s cooking process.

We made a roast beef, in Austria, it is called rostbraten. We were being incredibly simple. We pulled out a pan for the oven and I spread a few sprigs of fresh thyme underneath the raw roast beef meat. Then, I shook a little bit of rosemary on top and layed a couple more sprigs of thyme on top with the rosemary. Then, it was ready to go cook in the oven.

Roast beef, needs to cook at about 300-320, for about half an hour. We tend to think about 30 minutesish per pound. You may want to check it every so often, if you don’t like it cooked at medium. The longer it is in the more well done it becomes. And no, I am not changing my name to Captain Obvious, even though I probably should after that last line about cooking the meat.

Make a Small Bed Of Thyme for your Rostbraten to Lay on. Then Sprinkle on some Rosemary and Add A couple Sprigs of Thyme on Top. It’s Ready For The Oven.

After the meat has cooked for about 30 minutes, leave it out for about 20 minutes as it continues cooking even outside the oven at that point. Once it has sat for 20 minutes it is then ready to serve.

We ate ours, with some left over Boston Mac and Cheese from the previous night and a big garden salad. We also served some Rye bread…. What else do you serve Finns? They seem to live on beer and rye bread.  It is a staple they tend to eat at least twice a day on average.

So in my state of complete and total exhaustion, that is all I have got for you tonight. And of course, a few pictures to illustrate the process for all of you out there that want to make some rostbraten.

You may wish to make sure your oven is preheated to right around 300 Fahrenheit before you pop your rostbraten in! That is the only tip I have for this recipe. See, it couldn’t be simpler. And it makes a lovely dinner. Which you can eat with homemade french fries, or some variety of pasta dish or just with a large seasonal salad.

Nice, Juicy, and Ready to Eat! Chow Time!

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