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Bath Time Fun

Posted on June 29, 2012

In our house, bath time is treasured. I can spend hours in the bathtub with a good book. I read the entire Under The North Star trilogy in the tub. It’s a calm relaxing quiet place for self pampering.

Bath salts come packaged in dried lavender and rose petals in a silver box, and are decorated with an old key from and old family farm in the alps.

Sad fact be told, not every country is as pro bathtub as the one I come from. Many apartments in Vienna, have only a shower. But not ours! I told my husband, no dishwasher no tub, no rent! So we ended up with a quasi jacuzzi tub that never ceases to fill me with joy.

Vienna Rose and Lemongrass bath salt.

One thing, I love in the bath, is to have nice smells. These are easily come by with nice products like soap, shampoo, and bath salts, and oils, etc.

Assorted Trio of Bath Salts

This is the story of how one project lead to two more. I am also, making some really lovely extracts, vanilla, lavender,rose and lemon. Vanilla beans in this country sold in little 6 inch long test tube like vials in little pair sets. So I bought several for my vanilla extract, which I will tell you all a bit more about perhaps on Monday. I used all the vanilla beans and was left with a bunch of  little vials, so through the dish washer the little buggers went! They came out clean and fresh, and ready to be filled with sea salt bath salts and some scented herbs. We had most of what we needed already in the house so far as scented oils and dried herbs and flowers went, so we made these bath salts. We did however purchase the dried rose petals at the Naschmarkt, for this project as I said most of it we already had…. When we were done making these we had plenty dried rose petal left so we made our sachets from the post previous to this. That is how 1 project turns into 3.

When you keep so busy, it’s nice to take a break to read in the tub and this week we have been fairly busy as what was intended to be one project snowballed into 3. Now, I am off to take a bath. But all of you should check out my Etsy shop as these lovely scented bath yummies will be added just after I make this post.

Mmmm such a nice smell for the bath!

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