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Posted on June 27, 2012

Right now, we are int he middle of several interesting and entertaining crafts and meals… The result is, sometimes the larger ones go on for days or even weeks. Right now we have several projects going on, so stay tuned we have so much more on it’s way. For tonight, we made with some excess ingredients for one of our ongoing project a sachet.

Sachet, finished and ready for the drawer!

The Sachet, has been around for a very long time. It has been used by millions to scent their towels in their linen closets. Or to make their clothing smell nice. There is no wrong way to use a sachet.

These are very simple to make. There is really no wrong way to make them. All that is necessary is to gather together some scented herbs and things that you like. For ours, we used English Lavender (or lavendel if you ask one of the local Viennese folks,) and we mixed it with roses grown and dried fresh in Vienna. We have embellished it by decorating it with a key. Others may not like their sachet so flowery. They might prefer dried grated lemon rinds and cinnamon. Or any other blending of random aromatic natural dried flora.

All it takes to make a sachet, is to gather your chosen scented ingredients and pack them in a small bag that is either made from some sort of mesh, cheese cloth, or light fabric. You can even use burlap if you like. You fill your bag with your dried ingredients, and close up the top with a ribbon. Project done! Simple but so delicious to smell!

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