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Posted on June 25, 2012

Spa Water Freezing Cold And Ready To Drink!

This is water I started making a while back when I wanted to lose some weight. It is super healthy! Loaded with vitamins. Very very simple to make. It is based on the water you get at the restaurants in very high class European spas in the Alps. It is very common to drink water loaded with yummies. This water works wonders both for skin and for weight issues. It is great, because it takes down swelling and may even be really nice for those with arthritis.

My mother loves this water. She thinks of my home as her own personal European spa. She comes here, and washes, with all the organic products I use in the bathroom, and eats all the organic food in my kitchen, and her favorite love is my spa water, made from the water they pipe in from up high in the Alps. It is delicious all by itself. But…. If you add to it a little, it works wonders and makes you feel nice and energized.

Spa Water Ingredients All Laid Out and Ready To Go!

So here is the recipe:

  • A third to half a sliced organic cucumber
  • Mint or thyme, or if you really want to go to town and get a bit french, add a couple little pinches of dried culinary lavender
  • Table spoon ginger
  • 1 Slice of lime or lemon works just as well, especially if you add the pinches of lavender, then definitely go french with the lemon.

This water is not an exact science. So play with it a bit and figure out what tastes best for you. This is how I do it though, and it gets rave reviews.

Time For The Fridge!

Once you have chopped your cucumber and gathered up and sliced up all your other ingredients as needed, put them into a liter to liter pitcher, then add your choice of some kind of bottled water or tap water. I use tap. Cover your pitcher with either a lid or a piece of plastic and let sit over night in the fridge to become cold. Then, you are ready to serve it! For some extra cold add ice! Then, enjoy it. It has become a staple in our house. Once you see the great benefits of this way of preparing water I suspect it may end up a staple of your house as well.

Serve at Your Summer BBQ, Serve Anywhere Any Time! Healthy Delicious and Cold!

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