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Viennese Coffee Talk

Posted on July 30, 2012 | 3 comments

Vienna is an interesting place. It sits right along the border of Western and Eastern Europe. It is at the very heart of the European continent. I have published some great snap shots of this area, but tonight I am going to share a certain Austria tradition.

The Austrian people love a great many things, their beautiful mountain range, the Alps, dogs, the breath taking architecture of their capital city of Vienna, and coffee. They have quite a coffee culture. But that is a blog post for a different blog. Look for it in towards the end of August over at Scoutie Girl Blog.

Viennese Homemade Melange Coffee


A Rosy Walk

Posted on July 27, 2012 | 5 comments

Tonight, I thought I would show some pictures of the beautiful part of Vienna, that we live in. We are about a block as I have mentioned from the Rathaus, a large Gothic castle look alike, that actually contains no rats. Though mice are not an unusual sight to see on the street of Wien, in the evening hours. There is a beautiful park behind the Rathaus, full of gardens and fountains. This park is also not the contribution of rats to gardening as an art form. The city of Vienna, keeps many brilliant people on retainer who make this city one of the most beautiful in the world.

The Rathaus, as seen when viewed through the haze of the beautiful Volksgarten rose bushes.


Sophisticated French Tea Cookies Ooh Lala!

Posted on July 25, 2012 | 3 comments

Hello, my dearest darlings. How are all of you tonight? I am still down an arm due to my shoulder injury. But I refuse to let it stop me from presenting all of you with new wonders on this blog three times a week. Tonight, I have the most sophisticated tea snack you have ever seen. It would also go great  as accompaniment to an afternoon coffee event. You could even eat these fabulous French inspired cookies with a nice cup of Viennese Melange coffee…. Delicious! So buckle your seat belts! Lets get started!

Lavender Lemon Sugar Cookies with A Pinch of Dried Lavender Flowers on top!


Excerpt From Guest Blogging at Scoutie Girl

Posted on July 23, 2012

Guten tag alles! Ich leibe dich! And I wanted to share a small excerpt of a guest blog I have written over at Scoutie Girl blog! And wouldn’t ya know?! It’s about handcrafting and art around the world. A small exploration of one of my favorite Finnish art forms, The Sami Drum.

My Precious Sami Drum!


A Couple Of My Favorite Locations

Posted on July 21, 2012

I have had a bit of an accident. The result is, my left arm isn’t working for the moment. It is out of order. No worries, the bone is not injured but it is starting to seem that it is a fairly real and perhaps even a rather serious soft tissue injury to the shoulder. This means typing isn’t easy. So I thought until things get better, mostly I will just post some pictures till I have proper use of my arms and as a result, my hands again. I thought it might be fun to show you all some of my favorite places.

The View From The Family House At The Cape


The Naschmarkt, Yummy!

Posted on July 18, 2012

The Naschmarkt, is the oldest outdoor market in Austria. It dates back to the middle ages. Even today, it spans several city blocks. You can find anything and everything from pots for cooking and food, to tea and amazing beverages. It sports a huge variety of tasty things! The Naschmarkt, is one of our favorite places. It is where we tend to do the majority of our shopping.


Inspirations of Home

Posted on July 16, 2012 | 1 comment

Tonight, I have a special secret to tell you all. Now that everything has been finalized….. The tickets have been bought, the movers, have been contracted and payed, even the cafe dogs, Yoda and Avery, have received their necessary shots. Our time here is now coming to an end. Soon, we will be once again doing what we do, relocating. But this time, we will be relocating to a place we know well and we love. After six years of traveling and living abroad, we are returning to what is for me home. My home, is Arlington MA. A nice little two family house with a lovely backyard and a couple patches of grass in the front. I moved out of it almost right after I bought it. It has been the better part of ten years since I have been inside my own little house. The move is scheduled for the seventeenth of August. I have mixed feelings…. Our home in Austria, has actually been my home longer than my own house was. The longest time I have spent anywhere since I was…. About nine. So leaving will be heartbreaking but good also. I miss my family and the few friends from home. But I feel as if I am just getting to know this place still. I feel like I am leaving before I see the best that Vienna can be. I will miss all the people I have gotten to know and who have been so helpful and kind when I was at my weakest. I don’t know what I will do at home without these kind and caring helpful Austrians. So today, I thought I would share something inspired by my home. Something I made while I was here and in the middle of a homesick phase.It comes in phases. Sometimes things are great, but then something reminds you of home and for weeks you pine for it only to then be reminded how cool the place you are in now is because the republicans do something insanely stupid that makes you ashamed to be an American. So phases.

Cape Cod Earrings


Whole Wheat Scarborough Fair Bread

Posted on July 14, 2012

Zeit für ein weiteres Geständnis. Or in English, time for another confession. I’ve been a bad bad girl. It has been a while since I got my bad blogger on. Last time was when I was late to write about life in Canada when I was discussing the flavor of some lollipops. It was a while ago now. I explained that I was out getting drunk when I should have been writing that article. This time, I sit before you blogging, excuseless  a day late. All I have to say for myself is, “ooooooooops!” This may happen every now and again I must admit to everyone shamefully. But hey, I am here and blogging now.

Fresh out of the breadmaker!


French Barbecue Grilled Chicken with Lemon Lavender Honey Sauce

Posted on July 11, 2012

Last night, we were thinking French! I have not spent too much time there, mainly I have only passed through the airport in Paris. The experience left me horrified and deeply interested in doing a documentary film about the grossest airport bathrooms in the world. Seriously never seen anything like it….. Fortunately, some of the most traditional French flavors are incredible, unlike the cleanliness in the Paris airport bathroom. This little recipe is often made with a whole chicken and frequently it is baked in the oven rather than grilled. I have to say I personally really enjoyed grilling it.

Chicken Grilled in Lemon Lavender Honey Barbecue Sauce, So French!


Key To The Alps

Posted on July 9, 2012

An old key to a small farm in the alps

In Vienna, there is a lovely little shop abut 2 blocks from our house. It sells many convenience items. Mostly for the kitchen. A lovely but costly little shop, that is small like all Viennese stores. It smells of pots and dishes and all kinds of other every day odds and ends. I have been frequenting this little shop semi regularly for some time now. The shop is very much like any quintessential Viennese store. Large windows, old building, and dog friendly. They love it when I bring Avery, with me. They inquire after him if I go to make a purchase and leave him at home. They also, give me some very nice discounts if I bring him to sit on their counter top where they coo at him, pet his head and treat him to all sorts of yummies from their left over lunch schnitzel to little dog biscuits that they keep just for their doggy clients.


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