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A Couple Of My Favorite Locations

Posted on July 21, 2012

I have had a bit of an accident. The result is, my left arm isn’t working for the moment. It is out of order. No worries, the bone is not injured but it is starting to seem that it is a fairly real and perhaps even a rather serious soft tissue injury to the shoulder. This means typing isn’t easy. So I thought until things get better, mostly I will just post some pictures till I have proper use of my arms and as a result, my hands again. I thought it might be fun to show you all some of my favorite places.

The View From The Family House At The Cape

I am a coastal girl. This is the beach I spent all of my childhood summers. We would walk for miles on the sand flats. Sometimes we would make huge castles and wait till the ocean turned and knocked them over. Then we would come in with the tide. Just about every happy memory of my childhood that I have takes place on this beach in Brewster Cape Cod. Most of my early years were a medical nightmare, with fractured pelvis, head trauma, treatment as a burn victim over a huge portion of my body and a huge chunk of my childhood was lost to painful physical therapy. So, this, is my happy place. I had all my birthdays right by this beach. Learned to swim right here. Flew kites, and captured fireflies as a child. All right here at Sea Pines. I have traveled all over the planet…. There is still nowhere else I would rather be. When I am away, I dream of the old mill ponds near by, and the fiddler crabs that live not far off…. I miss the illegal fourth of July display on this beach….. And I dream of the smell of the ocean and the tide pools. All those care free hours…. running around in the sand. And at the end of the day, I would sit with my grandma, on the small balcony off her bedroom ocean side, and we would stare at exactly this view. She loved the cape cod sunset.  She would tell stories of mermaids that lived just down below the surface of the water. In my dreams, I still hear those sea birds calling. They are calling me home and in a month, I will greet my loud old friends once again as they scream at the crabs in the water below them, once more. I can’t wait. It has been a long time.

Sea Pines Beach In Bright Sun Light

Maudsley Park Newburyport MA

One of our favorite places to go with the dogs. A huge piece of land now a state park. Where once, some incredibly wealthy people had quite the set up. Today, all that remains of their elitist lifestyle, are a few old out buildings, an old wishing well and some ruins where once there was a mansion. This is a great park right on the river. The dogs love to run here. Yoda, likes to go down the steep hill in the meadow areas of the park, and go swimming in the river. Then, he gets all upset because he can’t get back up on his own. So my husband has to go down and help him get back up to the meadow. They have a blast. One of my favorite parks. We considered getting married here. Every time we are home we try to take a spin by this park. We love hiking in it. We love the view, the areas that seem somewhat haunted by ghosts of people who once had an extravagant mansion. You can almost feel something old lingering…. We always leave before dark because I am a sucker. Lots of fun, great nature. Good area, and also close to the ocean and only a short drive from Plum Island.  We tend to go to this park often because it is near my mom’s place.  So I thought I would share some of these great places as I am quite in love with them and live each day, yearning to see them again.

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