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A Rosy Walk

Posted on July 27, 2012

Tonight, I thought I would show some pictures of the beautiful part of Vienna, that we live in. We are about a block as I have mentioned from the Rathaus, a large Gothic castle look alike, that actually contains no rats. Though mice are not an unusual sight to see on the street of Wien, in the evening hours. There is a beautiful park behind the Rathaus, full of gardens and fountains. This park is also not the contribution of rats to gardening as an art form. The city of Vienna, keeps many brilliant people on retainer who make this city one of the most beautiful in the world.

The Rathaus, as seen when viewed through the haze of the beautiful Volksgarten rose bushes.

Each year, many tourist come to Vienna, to see sights such as the magnificent Rathaus, and it’s garden in back. But still further behind it, across a busy road is an even more gorgeous site than the Rathaus park itself, the Volksgarten, is a sight to behold. It is even more incredible to smell. I, am as you can probably guess given the name of this blog, an avid lover of roses. This is one of my favorite places to walk with the dogs. It is a large fenced park where sneak people like me, frequently allow their small dogs off leash to play in the park. Though technically this is forbidden, the people grin joyously watching the local dogs playing all around them. To the viennese, dogs at play is more lovely than their crown jewels and the roses of the Volksgarten combined.

Some of The Lovely Roses Of The Volksgarten

The Volksgarten, was built over the city fortifications that were destroyed by that European pygmy, commonly known as Napoleon, in the early 1800s and opened in 1823. There are statues of old Austrian nobility, and some of the most incredible fountains I have ever seen. It is also the home of, I do believe every variety of rose on earth. It smells amazing. And it is a wonderful spot to stop and rest your feet while you watch your small dog play in the grass, it is a fenced garden, so you do not need to worry so much about your precious puppy getting into any trouble. Instead, you just smell the flowers and pop some pictures of the roses….. Or the fountains.

This fountain is a favorite of not just mine but also the local Volksgarten ducks who swim in it quite frequently.

This is a lovely city that we will be leaving soon. Our heart breaks to lose some of these amazing things here in Vienna, but we are looking forward too, to the new adventures that await us in Boston in the USA. It has been a long time since I lived at home…. Who knows how long we will stay, but I promise to explore Boston just as I have done Vienna. I will definitely after so many years away have a new out look.

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