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Excerpt From Guest Blogging at Scoutie Girl

Posted on July 23, 2012

Guten tag alles! Ich leibe dich! And I wanted to share a small excerpt of a guest blog I have written over at Scoutie Girl blog! And wouldn’t ya know?! It’s about handcrafting and art around the world. A small exploration of one of my favorite Finnish art forms, The Sami Drum.

My Precious Sami Drum!

Finland is called the Land of Lakes. I call it my light at the end of the world, specifically the northern end. Finland is a land of extreme temperatures, typically extreme cold. It has long winters where the sun becomes scarce and is not visible at all in the north. In the summer, it appears to be 5 p.m. nearly all day as the sun never goes down. The Finns enjoy a beautiful summer time, rarely too hot, but warm and pleasant. The forests become green and full of wildflowers, and the air is pure and crisp. The birds sing, and there is an uplifted mood to be felt everywhere, from every person…..

For the rest of this beautiful post about Finland’s hand made drum culture go to, Go check it out! I promise it’s interesting.



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