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Posted on July 16, 2012

Tonight, I have a special secret to tell you all. Now that everything has been finalized….. The tickets have been bought, the movers, have been contracted and payed, even the cafe dogs, Yoda and Avery, have received their necessary shots. Our time here is now coming to an end. Soon, we will be once again doing what we do, relocating. But this time, we will be relocating to a place we know well and we love. After six years of traveling and living abroad, we are returning to what is for me home. My home, is Arlington MA. A nice little two family house with a lovely backyard and a couple patches of grass in the front. I moved out of it almost right after I bought it. It has been the better part of ten years since I have been inside my own little house. The move is scheduled for the seventeenth of August. I have mixed feelings…. Our home in Austria, has actually been my home longer than my own house was. The longest time I have spent anywhere since I was…. About nine. So leaving will be heartbreaking but good also. I miss my family and the few friends from home. But I feel as if I am just getting to know this place still. I feel like I am leaving before I see the best that Vienna can be. I will miss all the people I have gotten to know and who have been so helpful and kind when I was at my weakest. I don’t know what I will do at home without these kind and caring helpful Austrians. So today, I thought I would share something inspired by my home. Something I made while I was here and in the middle of a homesick phase.It comes in phases. Sometimes things are great, but then something reminds you of home and for weeks you pine for it only to then be reminded how cool the place you are in now is because the republicans do something insanely stupid that makes you ashamed to be an American. So phases.

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I have been traveling the world for about half of my lifetime now. But my home is by the sea. It is coastal New England. Not a day goes by when I am in Scandinavia, or Great Britain, Or Austria, or any other location that I have spent time, that I don’t yearn for the ocean shore. Just the smell of the ocean…. If I could just smell that here. At home, I find I can tell the weather and pretty much everything else by just watching the sea gulls. I know even which of my neighbors is in a bad mood from watching those birds and where they choose to land. When a storm is coming, it is obvious because they leave and they head inland. Often quickly. Austria, is in the center of Europe, between western Europe and eastern Europe…. The most beautiful sound to my ears is the sound of gulls screaming. Here I never hear them. And so, I make art sometimes that reminds me of home and the coast that I long to see again. Some days it is difficult to always be a stranger in a strange land. But each new strange land is a wonder. I don’t think that I would know anymore how to stop wandering the world…. But it is time to figure it out. Because, I miss the smell of the ocean.




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