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The Naschmarkt, Yummy!

Posted on July 18, 2012

The Naschmarkt, is the oldest outdoor market in Austria. It dates back to the middle ages. Even today, it spans several city blocks. You can find anything and everything from pots for cooking and food, to tea and amazing beverages. It sports a huge variety of tasty things! The Naschmarkt, is one of our favorite places. It is where we tend to do the majority of our shopping.

The food is organic, and much of it is fairly local, some of it comes from far away giving the shoppers such a wealth to choose from. This is so great because in Europe, the grocery stores tend to be smaller than the average CVS and many of them are about the size of the average 7/11. We get so much great stuff and most of it finds it’s way into the beautiful flavors we love to eat ourselves and to share on our Etsy shop.

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