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Viennese Coffee Talk

Posted on July 30, 2012

Vienna is an interesting place. It sits right along the border of Western and Eastern Europe. It is at the very heart of the European continent. I have published some great snap shots of this area, but tonight I am going to share a certain Austria tradition.

The Austrian people love a great many things, their beautiful mountain range, the Alps, dogs, the breath taking architecture of their capital city of Vienna, and coffee. They have quite a coffee culture. But that is a blog post for a different blog. Look for it in towards the end of August over at Scoutie Girl Blog.

Viennese Homemade Melange Coffee

Tonight, I am going to share the most amazing coffee I have ever tasted. I have had coffee in Finland. Sweden, Great Britain, The USA, Canada, Jamaica, etc…. The list goes on and on. But the famous Viennese coffee known as Melange has truly captured my heart.

Melange, is a mixture of  roughly half milk and half espresso. It is traditionally served along side a small glass of water, and a pair of cookies. Typically the cookies are very simple, without frosting, no chocolate or berries inside…. Just very sweet and plain. Delicious.

Hot Whole Milk

So, you begin,by making a pot of very strong coffee, I am sure that isn’t a difficult task.  Then heat up whole milk on the stove or in the microwave. You want it to be right at the brink of boiling point. But you don’t want it to boil.  You may like to use a cup or some sort of plastic measuring cup that allows for easy pour, for the hot milk.

Mix Hot Milk Till Frothy

Next, take a mixer, spin it between your hands in the cup of hot milk, till you see foam form on top. Pour it into a second cup which is placed on top of a saucer plate with a pair of sweet plain cookies on it. Fill this second cup about half way with your frothy mixed milk. Then, go collect your freshly brewed extra strong coffee and add it to your cup of milk sitting with the cookies on the saucer. Place the saucer on a small tray and pour yourself a shot glass full of water. There you have it. A Viennese traditional treat that most here enjoy often multiple times a day.

Pour Frothy Hot Milk Into A Coffee Cup on a Saucer With Cookies, Add Coffee To The Cup on the Saucer Also. Serve on a Silver Tray With A Small Shot Glass Of Cold Water.

You can add however much sugar makes you happy and if you like, you can follow the tradition they tend to use for ice coffee by garnishing your melange with a small shake of cinnamon on top. But this is totally optional. Then…. Just sit back and enjoy your coffee. Mix it as usual, and just enjoy yourself and your cookies!



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