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Bohemian Crystal From Prague!

Posted on August 2, 2012

We had a lovely adventure some time ago in Prague. We saw where the Velvet Revolution happened, and took the dogs to see the Museum of Communism. They had a wonderful time.

Bohemian Crystal

Every so often, I get a special gift. While in Prague, I got one from my husband. He bought me a set of Bohemian Crystal wine goblets.  Bohemian crystal, has been made for centuries. Mostly in what is now the Czech Republic. It is stronger and more durable than most crystals and they have refined it to a bit of a high art form. It has been around a long time. And it is so very beautiful. I thought it would be fun to show you what I use, while I am entertaining the occasional brighter mind of the European science community in my home, when I serve them a drink. In the USA, Bohemian Crystal, is somewhat pricey. But if you do what we did and go directly to the supplier, you should be able to get some without depleting your bank account. Plus, you get to see the beautiful bohemian city of Prague, known internationally for it’s incredible architecture. Totally worth seeing!

Bohemian Crystal, is often cut with a jewel cutter in patterns, they even make it in a wide range of colors. It is also often painted just as these are. But it is always breathtaking. In Prague, they have large shops just full of this crystal. Made into every form you can imagine, from plants, to animals, to vases, to boxes, and everything in between, including beautiful glass ware for special dinner events and entertaining, like these goblets.

Bohemian Crystal

I love to blog not just about the food I make but about the tools I use and the decorations I use. I find it is as much about display as it is about deliciousness of food. Most of my nice things, are packed away in storage back home in Boston. So it is hard for me to show you all the wonderful things I make and do in their full glory. Still I try, using what we have in these temporary situations that we frequently find ourselves in living abroad frequently moving from place to place. I am glad I have taken the opportunity to pull out the most wonderful art in my current short term kitchen to share. I can’t wait to get these glasses home with my other nice kitchen stuff so that they can take their proper place, as an elegant star of the kitchen surrounded by many other amazingly lovely things.

I enjoy very much, the art of various places, made by various artists, and sharing about how much, and why I love to use it in my kitchen, dining room, and home.  These goblets are at their best when full of Austrian young wine known here as Sturm, a rather uniquely Austrian beverage.

Bohemian Crystal

Prague, is a beautiful city. If you need an excuse to go, now you have one.

Well, thats all I have time for today! Till next time, Tchuss!

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  1. Ruth in Ottawa

    Is there anywhere these could be purchased over the internet? They are magnificent! Or, perhaps do you know the name of the pattern?

    • Ummm well… I am sure you can find this kind crystal online… Exactly where I dunno. I would Google Bohemian Crystal. We picked these up in Prague. We went there and went to some of the small shops all over the down town area scattered amidst the incredible architecture. And these, were hand painted. I am sure you can probably find Bohemian Crystal hand painted online also…. I should think so. But, it will likely be quite expensive from the US to order something like these goblets. :) I have no idea if this pattern has a name. Good luck!

  2. Marianne


    I have googled Bohemian Crystal several times and each time I have found these picutures of these beautiful glasses. I love them.
    I am going to Prague next month and I will try to find them.
    Do you remember if the were very expensive?

    • Great! You are gonna LOVE Prague for far more than the glasses. My one word of warning would be to keep a good look at the paved streets and side walks at all times. Prague used to be behind the iron curtain. And many of the roads still reflect that. It gives the city character, but it nearly broke my ankle and I spent half my trip hobbling around on a very bad ugly sprain. So keep your eyes on the roads! We bought those downtown in a thriving area with a really cute old look to it. In Prague, they call it czech glass I think. That may be another name to look it up under. And what it is, is a kind of crystal developed there that is just divine. On this side of the pond it gets VERY pricey. Partly for the high quality and partly for transporting in bulk. For ours in Prague, we spent I want to say… About 50 or 60 E though we bought them some years back and with inflation… Andd since my husband paid at the counter I don’t recall the exact price. 50 e in Prague, would have been at the time probably aroundish $90. For a set of 6 beautiful hand painted water goblets…. I don’t know what they go for today. And shipping them home as a single little collection was not costly at all unlike shipping them over en masse for sale. That is all I can recall about buying our Bohemian glass… We still bring it out for special occasions and keep it where people can see it in our home. It is quite the conversation starter. There were many shops like the one we got our set in all in the same little area. You should have no trouble finding yourself a pretty set. Good luck and enjoy Prague.

  3. Kathy Alvarez

    could you post or send me a few more pics of these goblets. they are stunning!!

    • Aren’t they amazing? Yes, I am sure I could take some more photos with my crappy cell phone camera over the weekend. But I am afraid they won’t be as well done as the photos on the blog, but if you want them I would be happy to get them to you. :)

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