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Dispatches From The Asylum On Schmidgasse

Posted on August 11, 2012

How tricks folks? Here has been a right looney bin today. We camped in the living room again last night with the dogs, got up very very early. Cleaned up our bed, and did the crazy stress fest before the movers arrived.

Thank you E. Fall! All boxed up.

The movers came and they were great. Thank you E. Fall, spectacular service! We piled everything in pretty much the middle of the room. It was chaos. Then the movers in just under two and a half hours boxed everything. They were very professional and even took just a small moment to ok it all with our dogs. They were hard workers, fast, and very polite and nice. They collected all our stuff and took it away. Now it goes to wait to be boated across the ocean. Then it goes through customs and a bunch of other stuff, and finally it will all get delivered at our house in Beantown. We couldn’t have asked for a better international move experience. I highly recommend this moving company.

I thought it would be fun to show it all to everyone.  So here are some photos of what went on in this asylum on Schmidgasse, today:

Most of our stuff, ready for packaging and shipping.

All our books….. We do like to read, do you? Read anything good lately?


Now, I am going to take a nap.


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  1. My goodness… 2 1/2 hours of packing…that is it? I have always done my own packing and moving and it takes much longer than that!

    I love that you have so many books and yes, I LOVE to read. I have a pile from the library and currently am half way through “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. :)

    Good luck on the rest of your move!

    • We have always done our own packing also in the past. But things get very complicated and legally entangling when you move internationally. Especially when you are moving from one continent to another… Then it really gets nutz. Especially since 9/11. The laws and the organizing of everything etc and the forms and paper work and classification of every item packed etc… Legally, for their own protection the companies that do moves from continent to continent have to know exactly what is inisde every box. Because if something gets in that is black listed, their company will have a harder time in the future. Plus, their people are carefully trained in how to pack and what to pack for an unusual method of transport. Not your typical moving van. An ocean freighter that could roll. They use all kinds of special packaging and stuff. It is really crazy moving like this. But they are highly trained pros and they got it done extremely fast.

      Those are less than 50% of our books. Most of them, got left behind in storage when we came here along with a lot of other stuff that was just too costly to ship. We are loosing all our furniture from this apartment too in this move. Cuz of the cost of shipping. I miss all our books.

      The Help was very good. I saw the movie actually. Good movie I bet the book is better. Have you read The Birth House, by Ami Mckay? One of my favorites along with The Mists Of Avalon…

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