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I See The Moon And The Moon Sees Me!

Posted on August 30, 2012

Being home is rather complicated right now we are in a place in between Boston and Vienna and we will be for quite a while still perhaps a few months since my husband leaves to return to work in a bit over a month. He will finish his contract there which will take about 2 months and he will return to Boston. We will then have hopefully a lovely Christmas together and really begin at that point to establish ourselves and build our lives here at that point.

The moon, viewed through our giant Orion Telescope outside on our back porch. It feels good to be home to re-unite with our things and with nature.

But, one of our favorite things in the world has come out of storage. It is now sitting on our back porch, which has a double purpose. It is my potted garden and it is also my husband’s observatory. I bought him an amazing giant telescope, it is over 4 and a half feet tall with a circumference of about a foot and roughly 8 inches in diameter. It’s an Orion, and it wasn’t one of those cheap foot long telescopes, this one cost several thousand dollars and is much better than the small ones. This telescope, is fit for a true astronomer and provides very high quality images. We love it. We had a ball in Canada on dark nights in the fields behind the farm we rented (I would take care of the few animals to keep our rent low and my husband would pay the remainder of the rent.) We used to sit in the fields listening to the coyotes howling all around us. And I would on occasion fire a warning shot with an unloaded ancient pellet gun from theĀ  Jurassic age just to make a loud sound to keep the coyotes away. We would have a ball looking up at the sky, checking out many of the constellations and looking at bits of the milky way, often with friends from my husband’s office.

We don’t live in Canada anymore. We don’t have fields right now to set up in. Now, we have a small back porch potted garden, in a small city where we set up. Not quite as cool as the fields. But my husband just lights up around his precious Orion, so it is nice to see them re-united after all these years away. The most expensive gift I have ever given anyone but it is a gift that has enriched both our lives and hopefully can enrich all of your lives too just a little bit as well. Which makes it the best gift ever given and the biggest bargain in gift giving history.

Last night was loads of fun, we set up the telescope and went looking first for Andromeda, which from here just showed up as a bit of a blur. So then we looked for something anything else and ultimately ended up staring at the moon for a while. The photo we use for this entry is taken with “the bad camera” (the good camera was forgotten in Vienna, my husband will get it and bring it back when he returns at Christmas time.) We took this photo from our conservatory porch garden. We hope you all like it. No worries, you will see more pictures with some semi regularity. And also some pictures from other parts of space now and then. We love the sky at night. It’s nice to have a warm plate of cookies fresh from the oven in the middle of the night ready in the kitchen and some other nice snackies, the screen door wide open to the night air, and jut in back of the kitchen, the telescope sits on the back porch…. It really is wonderful to be home.

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  1. What a gorgeous picture! I can only imagine how nice it is to be around the things you love again. :)

    • Yeh, it is wonderful. We have really missed the telescope. Especially my husband, though after having it as part of our life style, giving it up even for just a while to live in Europe was really hard. It really is my husband’s pride and joy. He isn’t like most amateurs. He went to Nasa Spacecamp a bit before going to the university where he was torn between either astronomy or astrophysics and particle physics. Particle physics won. But he is extremely well versed in what goes on in space much more than just your every day hobbyist. It’s nice to see him light up again.

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