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Posted on August 10, 2012

Ok, here it is, for everyone wondering what is going on why has the posting become sporadic? We are moving. In 1 week myself, my husband, and our cafe dogs, get on a plane here in Vienna. We will fly for about an hour and a half to Germany, where we meet our connection and head on to Boston MA where the home we bought nearly ten years ago is waiting for us, collecting dust while we have been traveling for so long.

The Arlington House, is a two unit home, with a good sized back yard ready and waiting for some vegetable gardens and a small chicken coop, in Arlington MA, only a short distance from a lovely pond and many wonderful restaurants and minutes from Lexington MA, where the shot heard round the world was fired.

A move of this kind is very very crazy. It involves specialized professional international movers. It also requires suitcases to be packed, and then the dogs will need a bunch of stuff before they can move. Which requires research, scheduling, and time, as well as a few extra additions to the carry on items. And lastly the carry on luggage packing. It is a multi-step complicated nightmare from helvetti, as they say in Finland. In Sweden they tend to refer to it as Helvete, It would seem likely it is essentially the same if you are in Norway….

So things are getting more and more chaotic. We are semi packed since the movers must do that but we are trying to help by going through everything and organizing it and such before the movers arrive so that it is an easy job. We are separating out important things we want to take on the plane verses the majority of our stuff which will go with the movers. Our furniture here is looking for new homes as are our houseplants. And we still have to do souvenir shopping toiletries shopping and housecleaning before we can move. It is an unreal time for us a lesson in chaos theory that will now be over in one week.

So I am hoping everyone will understand as our kitchen is half packed and gathered up for the movers, that it becomes difficult to continue just now in dealing with the blog. We have not forgotten anyone. Nor have we forgotten our blog. We love you all and we want to keep making stuff for your entertainment and ours. So stay with us hey? This nightmare should be over soon, then maybe we will also do some nice work on low budget room decorating and interior design. As we unpack and try to figure out what to do with the old new place. So, keep checking back! We can’t wait to be able to be done with this chaos and have some more fun to blog about.

We will do another post soon to show some pictures of the chaos so you can see just what we are up against here! Again my apologies for being less active than usual.

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  1. no worries. i’m sure you’ve got all you can handle on your plate. some things have to fall by the wayside during times like that. best of luck on your new adventure. we’ll only be an hour away. you’re going to enjoy beantown.

  2. Err.. Yes, I will enjoy Beantown. You see, I was born there, on North Harvard Street in Alston. I graduated from LHS in Lexington, and went to several public schools in Cambridge over the years and a few private schools in Beantown. My dad is in Lexington MA, mum is living in Newburyport. Beantown is home. It has always been home. It has just been…. So long since I spent any real time there. Traveling for the last 6 years. And even in my teens, traveling a lot but more just extended vacation traveling. Now Ex pat is my lifestyle. So it is gonna be great to come home!

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