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The First Window Box Of The Back Porch Garden

Posted on August 25, 2012

So, a few days back we planted a big thyme in a window box, as well as some seeds for several different things. I have been looking at that poor thyme for days shaking my head sadly, as it looked so alone. I waited a couple of days and then I started begging the seeds to grow after that I tried bargaining with the seeds offering them all manner of things if they would just grow big and tall to keep my thyme company. It didn’t work. A couple days ago I finally resorted to making idle threats. I threatened to dump them out all over the yard to die. (gardening is new to me I am not quite sure how to do it yet….) My threats seem to have worked. Check it out!

Finally! The beginning of my garden begins to sprout! Hooray!

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  1. LOL! You make me laugh…threatening the seedlings!

    Oh goodness…gardeneing, you must have patience. There are a few seeds that I have that it literally can take 10-15 weeks, sometimes longer to sprout. It just depends on the plant as they are all different.

    Congratulations on your new little garden! I look forward to seeing more pictures as they grow bigger. :)

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