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The Little One Cried, “Weeweewee,” All The Way Home

Posted on August 22, 2012

We arrived in Boston just a few days ago. We didn’t have internet access though till yesterday. Chaos ensues. But we are really happy to be home. I am busy busy, cleaning house, and trying to organize what of our stuff is already out of storage while we are slowly acquiring pieces of furniture we no longer own so that we can unpack the rest while we wait for the remainder of our stuff from Vienna, to reach us. We won’t hold our breath though to get the stuff from Vienna. It should take about three more weeks till it arrives. Then I must put it away in the organizational tools I don’t have and on the furniture I don’t own….

The first window box, of what will be my large balcony pot garden. So it begins….

I got told at the bank, that I can’t open an account because I just moved in. Though I can show them a previous address where I lived and mail to me addressed there, though I can present a passport (which I couldn’t have gotten without an MA ID and birth certificate, though I present them with my long form birth certificate and my marriage certificate which I also could not have gotten without a multitude of forms of ID.) No, insufficient. It will be a month then before I can open the account. I must wait for my first bill at this address. How ridiculous is that?! Stinking Patriot Act. I am not a terrorist, just a chick getting home from abroad but I can’t open a bank account! How irritating! I find it terrifying that a moron, so far removed from life, one who sat around reading to nine year olds while the twin towers fell, though no longer in office,¬† is still making my life harder.

I have already started a number of projects in our current state of chaos…. We should be here a while. I am hoping now that we have traveled all over the planet, that we can just settle down here for a year or two before buying something a bit larger out in the country. I have located a chicken coop at a reasonable price and I should have pictures of it some time next week. I have also begun my herb and pot garden on the back porch, in a small way. I bought some 6 inch thyme and some seeds for basil, parsley, and chive, down the street at my favorite place to shop for edibles, Wilson’s Farm, in Lexington. So far it is just one small window box, but we have only been here a couple of days and I gotta start somewhere.

The yard is a wreck…. I think before I deal with it I need to get our home together. Then I will start figuring out the yard. I am thinking the chickens, a large vegie garden, and if there is any space left, a small dog run for our boys. But much of this is going to have to wait for spring time.

Yoda the dog relaxing in his little brother’s bed. No it isn’t your imagination, the bed really is way too small for him. He is loving having his own garden to play in, and along with his brother, is settling in quite nicely.

So the state of things here is a complete wreck and someone painted my dining room orange in my absence which I find quite annoying as I am an avid hater of the color orange. Some may like it but not me. So, the sooner we can get that off the walls the happier I am going to sleep. Otherwise I was really thrilled with the condition of the place when we got in. The tenant took great care of the place this time. (unlike last time when the guy living here was clearly some kind of alcoholic, it was obvious soon as we walked in…. I was really upset.) This time though we rented to a lovely older woman and we feel bad about being the reason she had to find a new place but we were straight from the get go that sooner or later we would be coming back… And I am so happy with the way she maintained my home.

It is a happy and sad homecoming. Very exciting to be able to see TV in English again, very nice to be able to find things so easily. Still, suddenly this area, seems so small. The people seem somehow very little. Not so much in physical size, but in their minds, only aware of their own culture. Most Americans never leave to see the vast world beyond. I have been living in that world for quite some time. It is good to be home and sad that those in it are unaware of the huge world out there to explore and to learn from. Everyone should go off for a while and just travel around. I realize that saying that may seem mean. I don’t mean it in that way… It’s just, I have seen so many cultures and lived with them, my view has become so broad and when I sit in an ice cream shop looking at little girls chattering to each other on a warm summer day, so all American, it just….. Makes me feel sad that probably neither of them will know anything beyond the local chatter and culture. Their lives will be only what they find locally and at that ice cream parlor table….. Everyone should have more than that in this life. We are part of a world so vast….. We should see it all. All of us. Then, we should decide where it is we want to be. I suppose I feel a bit like Bilbo Baggins, when he left to go with the elves after all his adventures were done. He was from that shire, and it was his home, but he was no longer of that shire…. If that makes any sense at all. Everything seems so simple here now after battling the language barrier in one place or another for all these years.¬† Still, it is lovely and comforting to have things easy for a change. It is also comforting to see the things I saw as a child. There is sad though when I think of all the wonderful architecture and cultures I left behind in Europe and all of the friends I made. I will miss them all. I already do. And I hope they all know I am thinking of them every day. Each time I go somewhere or do something, or encounter some sort of Americanism that I haven’t seen in years, I wonder what they would make of it. I miss them all. I am so greatful that I got the chance to learn about the larger world from them. I couldn’t have had better teachers. I am grateful, that they took the time to help me when I couldn’t help myself. But now I feel so able that I could take on the world!

Leaving  Vienna was insanity. And in the crazy, my husband forgot his camera! So for a while you will all have to make due with perhaps some less nice pictures for a little while. He will return to Vienna after a couple of months to finish his work there for a few weeks and while he is there he will pick up the good camera. Sorry!

Well, I am off to put some books away now… Yes, we do have a bookcase, thank goodness.


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