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Who Let The Dogs Out?!

Posted on September 4, 2012

One of the best parts of being home, is going to your favorite places once again. Among my favorites is the old mill in Sudbury MA. When I was young, just a little girl really, less than 9 years old, my dad used to take me out there with our family dog to let it run. He used to encourage me to take off my shoes and to go wade into the ankle deep stream where people dropped coins for wishing. Usually me and my friends who were with us or my sister if she was there would then follow my dad’s advice and look for the silver. We would then I am ashamed to say, go to a small penny candy store full of very old fashioned types of candy and we would spend our ill gotten gains so that my dad was out nothing for taking us out to have a good time. Yes, it was all so very wrong, but it was so much fun. So many wonderful childhood memories of being naughty in that stream full of money. Moving has been hard on all of us as has this nomadic lifestyle. It was very hard to give our dogs what they needed in Austria, due to our location at the heart of the city, and it’s hard because those dogs are my furry kids. I wanted them to go through life having the same fun I did as a kid wading around a stream being naughty and hiking around a large pond, …. The last few years for them, have been full of paved city sidewalks, small fenced grass free parks, and the inside of our flat.. So, today, we made a point to take the boys out to run. This is going to now become part of our regular lifestyle. It should have been all along but we had no car and no idea where to go. Now we know and we can rent a car.

Sudbury Old Mill

The Sudbury old mill belongs to a wonderful little inn with a great restaurant. It is also near some great little shops. It boasts open fields, a pond, and lots of grassy areas, trees, and a stream. Very picturesque and calm.

I was so happy to see our boys running around like dogs again I got a bit teary. It has been such a long time since we last felt the grass on our feet and the wind in our hair and smelled anything other than car exhaust and city streets. It was really really wonderful to get the boys outside to have fun. We played fetch with sticks and balls, and Yoda, took a swim…. And several trips to the shallows of the pond just to lay in the muck proudly, while getting filthy. Avery too went to hang out a bit in the shallows in the mud, following his brother’s lead. They really had a great time. I am so grateful to my mom, who actually came with us, and if she hadn’t this trip to nature for the boys would not have been possible today. She even let the pair of dirty boys back in her car for the ride home. She was really wonderful and we can’t thank her enough.

Yoda, In The Yuch.

Now, the day is over, a day of bright skies and fresh air and fun, we are home once again as the sun is setting. It is a clear night so we may check what the telescope can show us once it gets darker. The dogs, lay on the floor and the couch awaiting their bath tomorrow morning zonked after a day of doing what dogs are supposed to do.

I know many people follow this blog just for the food, please stick with me. I am not just a cafe, I am also half of a couple presently living in Boston, a very real human beings who’s kitchen stuff is still off in transit traveling by ocean to reach me. Cafe Primrose is definitely all about food but we are also about so much else too! We miss sharing about food just as much as you miss reading about it and we can’t wait for our kitchen things to reach us so we can make more yummies to share. So stick with us!


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  1. What a beautiful day you must have had! We too love to get our boys and one of the girls (the dog) out as much as possible. The cat will sit on the balcony for short periods of time, but she loves her spot behind a huge piece of furniture…away from the dog and the boys and other noise. :)

    Again, I am so happy for you!

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