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Chalk Board Door

Posted on October 10, 2012

Everyone knows our situation has been a bit up in the air lately. We have been and still remain somewhere stuck between Vienna Austria and New England. Good news! A major event happened yesterday, Allied moving company finally brought our stuff from Vienna! The guys who delivered everything, were smart, professional, chatty, nice, highly efficient, and impeccable at their job. Nothing broke in transit. So now, we are in a whole new world of mess. Our first world of mess was when we went through everything that had been left in storage all this time when we first arrived. Now, once again we find ourselves buried in boxes to sort through…. So please bear with us. International moving is not small change. It is incredibly difficult, complicated, and takes a great deal of time.

Our First Creative Home Decorating Project, painting an old door with chalk board paint.

Since getting home, we have been just trying to settle into our new digs. So we have been modifying the apartment a bit. Here you can see one of our modifications. We painted the top framed portion of the door to be a chalkboard. This is a very old door. Something like ninety some years old. We began on the back porch listening to some music, and we sanded it down. Then, because the door was already white we just layered chalk board paint on top of it. We must have done six coats trying to compensate for the oldness of the door. Usually you would only need a couple of coats of paint.

We love having a chalk board in the kitchen, because it allows us to keep track of shopping and to jot down important notes. It is great for keeping us organized, and now that we are buried in a brand spankin new pile of chaos that has just arrived from Vienna, some organization sounds pretty good.

A chalk board door is easy to make, some sanding perhaps a coat of primer if you wish followed by a few coats of black board paint. Ours came from a great craft store that is just a block from our new home, Play Time, in Arlington MA. But you can get black board paint at most hardware stores these days. We actually used a brush and a roller, most just spray it. I like to do things the old fashioned way. So¬† then, good luck making your very own black board door. It’s very fun and even more useful

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