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The Dance Of The Tide

Posted on October 23, 2012

I know I published something a few weeks ago now of my little vacation at Cape Cod with my husband. We needed a break from the crazy. Since then the crazy has only got worse and perhaps I will tell you more about the chaos here another time. Right now, My husband is in Vienna Austria, finishing out his contract as things get crazier and crazier here I find myself thinking back to that little cape cod vacation wishing I was still away on it.

Moon Snail the further out you walk the larger they get. They leave these beautiful winding little trails in the sand and to find one, all you have to do is follow the winding trail.

When ever the chaos in life gets extreme I find myself missing the slow pace of walking the sand flats discovering treasures that the sea left behind when it vacated the sea bed.  I have been walking the flats since my mother was pregnant with me. As soon as I came out the lessons began how to track down all manner

The sea bed, naked without it’s salty blue covering.l

If  you head out far enough, you find amazing colored sand. This time we only got as far as where the pretty pink sand was just beginning to get spatterd and mixed in. Had we gone out further, we would have been standing ina  field of pink which would have been broken by a bar of water and then followed by another bar of sand, a bar of sand that was purple or red, which in turn would have been followed perhaps by orange or even black.

The ocean leaves many treasures, some of which are very very old. Such as the horseshoe crab which predates dinosaurs.

Horseshoe crabs leave a trail too much thicker and shallower and wider than that of the moon snail, and then they burrow down leaving a small mound of sand above them. You can often use your foot to just pop them right up.

From here, far out in the ocean’s bed when I turn and look back at the hubbub of the town and the stresses of life, it all looks so small and far off. And when you are ready you dance your way back across the ocean floor coming in your dance partner, the tide, while the sea birds conduct the orchestra from above rudely commanding the winds to blow.

The further out into the emptiness you travel, the smaller the stresses of life become, till they are nearly invisible up along the bluff far away.

But perhaps most beautiful is the ocean floor when it is kissing the sun good night.

Sunsets on the ocean floor.


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  1. What beautiful photographs! That moon snail shell is divine!

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