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Christmas Is Coming

Posted on November 26, 2012

While I am here, in Boston, struggling through the torturous process of getting things together here in Arlington, my husband had to go finish out his contract in Vienna. Yes, if you must know, (not that you asked) I am kinda mad about being abandoned in the middle of processing everything here. It does not help matters that I know he is getting to enjoy some of the coolest Austrian traditions while I am stuck here in the move in mess and chaos.

The Rathaus, all decked out for the largest Christmas Market in Vienna.

Vienna has a long tradition of rich and vibrant Christmas markets. They are outdoor markets that have becomes ingrained in the culture since the old days back in the middle ages when all markets were out doors. So too today, they have such events for Christmas. This one at the Rathaus, will come equipped with a booth where they make waffles sprinkled with confectioners sugar and cinnamon, and then slathered with choclate as is part of the Austrian tradition. You will also find lots of roasted chess nuts. There are also booths of all kinds carrying all manner of things for sale….. Including some of the most beautiful Christmas ornaments I have ever seen.

One of the ornament seller’s booths

There are many other great sights to see at the Christmas Market down by the Rathaus, and it is unfortunate that only my husband will be the one to see it all. So, we decided to share these pictures so that everyone can experience one of the prides of Austria.

One of the booths at the Christmas market down at the Rathaus.

Christmas cookies Vienna Christmas Market style.

One more shot of The Rathaus cuz it’s pretty.


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  1. Anyrina Wass

    Dear Amanda,
    Cannot help wondering: Why you didn’t wait for your husband’s contract to expire before moving to Arlington? No sitting and waiting there all alone, and you would have experienced one more Austrian Christmas hysteria 😉

  2. That is a fair question…. So let me explain. The contract for the apartment and the contract for the job did not end at the same time. So we lost the apartment due to end of the lease before his job contract was up. We were only going to be in Austria for another few months if we stayed and renting with limited German is incredibly hard and extremely expensive. Also, you have to put down a huge sum of cash they prefer thousands of euros something like 3 months rent then a security deposit on top of that. The rent there is expensive and If you also have to hire a real estate agent they can and sometimes do also ask as much as 3 months. Last time we had to put down in cash over 7000 euros for just our apartment before paying the agent as I said renting with limited German is hard. Also, the contract is not for your standard one year. By law, it is a 3 year lease! We have had this lovely home here in Boston for almost 10 years… It made more sense for us to come back. Me and the boys (dogs) could live here and husband could help us get unpacked for about a month before returning to Austria till December 16th. If you have the opportunity to go check out the Xmas markets in Wien, do it. You will not be dissapointed.

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