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And I Said What About Breakfast at Cafe Primrose

Posted on December 31, 2012

Please pass the scones!

We have a tradition in my house. It was started some years ago, while we were living in Vienna. Sunday mornings we gather in the kitchen and prepare a large hot breakfast full of all kinds of delicious things. No one is allowed to argue or fight (though I must say I was not so nice yesterday the stress of the move has been getting to me, our half organized situation that comes with being in a new place wreaks havoc on my usually pleasant disposition.) Normally, our breakfasts are full of fun, quality time and laughter. No yelling, no screaming no nastiness of any kind is supposed to be tolerated. Any disputes get put on break till after breakfast has been cleaned up at which time they may resume. It is a peaceful time when we try to remember the importance of each other and the greatness of food.

Breakfast at Cafe Primrose

Often we have guests for our breakfast. They sit at our antique table that has been passed through four generations of my family and we eat the food that we have spread out on the table’s top. This week we made hard boiled eggs, granola, scones, and bacon. Very delicious! Normally we do all the cooking from scratch but this time we woke up later and so I used the most incredible scone mix from one of my favorite companies, Stonewall Kitchen. I love being able to buy their stuff and I find myself constantly inspired to make my own stuff when I see their beautiful products. We love to shop there when we go visit my mum in Newburyport.  I love that they are local too. Stonewall Kitchen, never disappoints. Sure didn’t disappoint yesterday! Great scones were had by all!


We love this little tradition. We find it incredibly helpful and nice. We like how it enhances the relationships that are most important to us and we recommend everything made by Stonewall Kitchen and taking a time out as we do for a Sunday breakfast. Time can be an issue for busy families. There are clearly ways to make the most of the time this takes. Just because we try to do everything from scratch doesn’t mean everyone else should shoot for that. It is more about how nice it is to have an activity that levels the whole family something we all enjoy and can participate in for a short time on Sunday morning.

Cafe Primrose breakfast for three



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