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Cinema Magic For A Magical Season

Posted on December 11, 2012

Christmas magic is in the little chilly breezes that blow past us lately… Most have already started on Christmas blogging, but not me because well, I am not really generally one for borrowing photos and re-blogging the blogs of others…. I tend to be more original than that.  It also doesn’t hep that my photographer is out of the country in Europe till the 16th which puts a damper on the original things I wish to do here. So I am trying to come up with text blogs I can make to help everyone have a really magical season, from this date on till the 16th. Stay posted all kinds of fun is gonna happen when my photographer comes back from Europe!

We love a good hot drink in our house and some kind of snack yummies of some sort. Then we like to watch movies and just relax over Christmas and be quiet and have fun perhaps board games here and there and really, just treasuring our time together enjoying each other’s company. Finnish style.  We have quite a few movies  that have become fixtures of our Christmas week, I thought I would make a list and tell you all a little about them. We won’t  use any order. I will just list them as I think of them.

  • The Grinch Who Stole Christmas- A personal favorite. I LOVE the old version that is the cartoon version. Can’t get enough of it. Always a great time with a nice over flowing cup of children’s style Finnish Glogi and a couple ginger bread cookies and this is a home run every time for everyone of all ages.
  • Charlie Brown- Another cartoon fav great for the whole family. Our dogs like Snoopy, and we really enjoy this old movie as well, usually in similar fashion to The Grinch.
  • A Christmas Carol- The version that stars the dude who played Pikard in Star Trek Next Generation, you know good old Captain Baldy. Also  fun for the whole family.  We love this one. Very heart warming. Magical a reminder of just why it is so important to take this time together when nature is in it’s darkest point on it’s yearly cycle to remember what truly lights our world is not the sun, but the kindness and compassion that we show for each other.
  • Prancer- LOVE such a magical story. Great for everyone.
  • Rare Exports- My husband loves this one. It is a modern Finnish Film that explores an old Finnish legend. This movie has it’s scary moments. If I had a 6 year old I would watch it with them. By 14 your kid should be able to handle it. This movie is in Finnish and has subtitles. It is good only for those old enough to be literate members of society. It explores the ancient Finnish legend of the Joulupukki, a fearsome Santa like elf thing of real human size that was once believed to consume small children. It is the story of how these pukki were captured and exported around the world to sit in malls once they were made no longer dangerous. It is an interesting fact, the address the post office sends all  the letters kids send to Santa, happens to be located in Finland not so very far from the North Pole. It is a major matter of Finnish pride that Santa resides in Finland. We love this movie but really you might want to watch it yourself first to double check that it is fine for your young child. It is designed to be a family movie but it is unlike the movies we are accustomed to in the States. But totally worth seeing!
  • The Ref- Fabulous family fun if you have slightly older children about robbers who take a family hostage and do all kinds of good in their desperate attempt to do bad. Loads of fun. Warning nothing is sacred in this comedy. Another warning profanity and F bombs run rampant. Better for slightly older children. We enjoy it. You might recognize bits and pieces of your own family in this Christmas comedy.
  • Nightmare Before Christmas- Fun! Fun! Fun! A dark Halloween comedy about Christmas! Good for the whole family

Well, here are some of our favorites…. Do any of you out there have any favorites you think belong on our list? We would love to know what your favorite movie choices are!



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