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Everyone Loves Early Presents

Posted on December 22, 2012

The house smells like gift granola baking away in the oven. Perhaps one day I will share my recipe with everyone. It smells great. The husband is out doing final food shopping for the holiday and the dogs sleep peacefully beside me. And I find myself thinking there is just one more thing I want to share with everyone today, my early presents. One of which is a set of Mikasa french country dishes service for 8 plus serving tray and bowl and a coffee set. The other from my husband an eight piece set of Mauviel pots from the M’cook series. Now, pardon me a moment the granola must be mixed.

Would you like to have coffee at Cafe Primrose in our little dining room full of antiques, on our brand new french country dishes?

Ahhh there we go! It’s coming along nicely…. I swear I would bake granola just for the smell…..  Now, as I was saying one of my early presents was from my husband a set of Mauviel pots and the other dishes from my mother. Both of them must be added to my Products I Love list. I can’t express my gratitude enough. Till now Cafe Primrose, has kind of been a fly by the seat of my pants operation. We were in Vienna living on some Ikea furniture with most of our nice things back here in storage. Now we are home and have gotten those things out and courtesy of my mom and husband I have begun to add crucial pieces to give the Cafe Primrose blog some extra magic.

Beautiful Mauviel pots worth every penny!

I would recommend both these new sets, the dishes and the pots to anyone that likes to spread a lovely table and cook amazing food. I never really did taste my food right when cooking in my old Ikea Chic pots and pans….. Didn’t know what I was missing. And though I loved our old dishes, they were old and needed to crawl off into a black hole to die somewhere. It was just…. Their time to go…..

A closer look at the new Mikasa dishes

I am just now realizing a terrible thing…. I had to use the big bowl. The only large bowl that we had to make the granola…. Now I have nothing to mix it in once it is finished baking…….. Uhhoh…………….. Yeh, kitchen tools are still not plentiful but all these nice new things help.  Merry Christmas to me! And now, I am off to figure out how to trouble shoot this little equipment failure! Talk to all of you soon.

Mikasa French Country dishes


Mauviel M’cook frying pan up close and personal.

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