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Happy Independence Day Finland!!! 95 Years Of Independence!

Posted on December 6, 2012

Many of you know, I have many friends and family located in the frozen north. And this time of year it is frozen and the people huddle int he evening in saunas. They throw water on their stonesĀ  in the sauna, making heat radiate and come off the stones in waves, beating down the last barriers of filth and tension in their bodies…. Tonight though, they are doing a couple of other things… They are lighting their candles a blue one and a white one, to honor the fallen Jaegers of Finland, those who fought for Finland’s independence when Russia attacked. Many died, many disapeared. The Finns, manually deconstructed the Russian’s tanks with their little hunting knives. They made the death toll for Russia not worth it for them to continue fighting. Something like ten Russian cassualties for every Finnish ones, and many Finns were fighting only with their hunting knives as Russia rolled through with mad weapons. I married into Finland and so I have studied it’s history as one day, it will be critical to me that my children know who they are and where their roots are. My children will be Finnish and American. I want them to know about the sacrifices made to keep Finland free. What Finland did was an amazing feet of bravery the whole world should know about it. And so tonight, to honor the homeland of my husband and the ancestry of my future children, I will light a blue candle and a white candle in honor of Finland and to show the Jaegers the way home, not that there are many running around here in Boston MA. I think it important to come together for some of each other’s holidays as a world. We can not expect support from others until we show them respect and honor. So tonight Finland I honor you with candles for the jaegers blue and white Finland’s colors.


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