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Cafe Primrose and The Mystery Of The Heirloom Flatware

Posted on January 28, 2013

Mysterious old flatware

Just after Christmas, my father brought over a giant bag of junk that was for me….. None of it was really labeled, mostly old scarves that belonged to my Aunt that she didn’t want anymore. And some stuff my dad said my sister had given to him to shove in the bag for delivery here to my place. In amongst the mess of stuff, was this carefully wrapped set of silverware that was very old and silver inlaid and  monogrammed with an H.

Heirloom Flatware

I was very excited when I found the silverware tightly wrapped in an old white napkin. I immediately cleaned it up, it was amazingly tarnished. Then, I called my dad and thanked him and asked him about the silverware. Who had it belonged to? My grandparents passed away not so long ago… Perhaps it belonged to them…. My dad told me that it may have…. It might even have belonged to my Great Grandmother my grandfather’s mother. I find myself wondering as I touch each of the pieces that I received exactly who thought to give it to me… And where the rest of the set is. There are no spoons at all and it is missing a knife but all twelve beautiful ancient old forks are there. My dad said it might be from my sister. A note in the bag indicated it may be from my aunt, but my dad assured me it was popped in the bag by my sister….. So unless somethin really sick has been going on in my family (which I am quite certain it has not.) Then exactly who put these beautiful old silver pieces into a bag of junk for me remains…. A mystery. Who they belonged to and when they were used, also a mystery. And where is that knife and the spoons? Another mystery!

Silver Ware Is Made by Holmes & Edwards

This is all very mysterious…. Most mysterious of all is, the burning question I have about completing the set. If I want to complete this old set, where can I get the missing knife and the matching spoons and where can I have them engraved so that it looks uniform?  These are so beautiful and when I touch them I can feel the history they hold. I can feel so many old stories locked up inside of them of parties and weddings in days gone by, family events and important anniversaries.


I am holding pieces of history in my hands, and yet, I know nothing about them. What is worse, is, when I dig, no one can even agree who slipped them into the bag for me….. Seems, no one knows anything about this flatware set. But I am in love with the mystery so perhaps not knowing where they come from and what events they have witnessed is fine, as if I can just figure out where and how to obtain the remaining pieces of the set I can reconstitute it, and make this beautiful old set witness to new events for holidays, and anniversaries, and weddings that relate to the family. The mystery is astounding, how can you live with beautiful things like this and pop them in a bag and no one knows who put them there or even who exactly they once belonged to only agreeing they appear to have been in the family for a while.  I look forward to making new memories with them once I have gathered up the pieces to complete the set.

Mystery Flatware H monogram Holmes & Edwards


If anyone has any information on where to find the missing pieces please, I would love to know.
Thank you

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    • Thank you Debra, your jewelry is beautiful! I would encourage everyone reading this to click on Debra’s link. I will look into the website you have so graciously offered me. Thank you so much.

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