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Christmas Decorations And Their Meaning

Posted on January 8, 2013

Cafe Primrose Christmas Tree

It is that sad time of year when the festival of lights at the darkest time of the year has ended. People have begun to gather all the lights, and decorations and box them back up quietly with little fanfare and none of the joy they felt when pulling them out and setting them up. Warm hearts give way to seasonal survival. We all hope we have warmed our hearts enough for one season and now all that is left to do is to hang on to that light till spring returns. The scene plays out all across the western world right about now. Cafe Primrose, is no different. We are packing in the season to be jolly and putting it back into the attic will all live till next December when we pull it all out joyously once more.

Christmas decorations are very special and very magical. I have quite a few that I have gathered slowly. Usually, I get them as gifts from people and places I have left behind or that I love and continue to see. I love to hang these memories on my tree to light my season of darkness. I don’t just light it with shimmery shiny lights and objects. I light it with the love that each one of these delightful pieces of decor were given with. When I look at them, I see my mom, my sister, Vienna, and many of the other people and places that have meant something to me. And I wish all of them a merry Christmas where ever they are roaming. I hope their season of lights is as special and bright for them as mine is for me.  As I put the ornaments away, I hold pieces of my father’s childhood in my hands fragile little bits of sparkling glass that the white lights of the tree shimmer off of. I get to stroke, the memory of my grandparents who have passed on and I get to recall the year they gave us all these weird beach towels for Christmas, and I get to recall the gingerbread houses we would carve in their dining room and the peppermint stick icecream we ate at desert at their Christmas dinner table. Every one of the bright and decorative objects brings back to me something precious as I gently pull it off the tree and set it back into the box.

Christmas Tree

I smile sadly inside as I say goodbye to all these glowing memories of the people who love me around the world and though my tree is bare compared to some, I look forward to collecting more memories to light my dark season in the future. I look forward to caring for them as carefully as I care for the ones I already have. I treasure them and I lay them in a box and I put them away and keep traveling forward through life, and who knows if next year there might be one or 2 more to place upon the tree and then to treasure as I take it all down and put it away once more. I am so very very lucky to have so many decorations and memories of people and places to put on display for my cold dark time each year, and so I will smile inside and put the boxes away and celebrate next year when I pull the Christmas decorations out once more.

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  1. What a clever sentiment. This resonates with me, as I’m sure it will with most… yet is not often talked about. I love your close up pic of your tree!

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