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Posted on January 24, 2013

Valentines day is a very old holiday that seems to find it’s beginning in ancient Rome. Since then, it has evolved into something a bit more consumerist like many of our modern holidays. You know the traditional dozen red roses and expensive jewelry served up with a side of chocolate.

Alpine Rose Lollies by Cafe Primrose

Every year, dinner at a fancy French restaurant,  and romance . I love romance, I also love handmade and homemade rather than mass produced. Much of that jewelry comes from a mine that is destroying our planet. That chocolate, often isn’t even real chocolate. Some of it is probably made from carpenter’s glue a common additive in mass produced foods. Love, is a genuine emotion the handmade homemade movement is also very genuine. In a world with so much of the same to offer, sometimes romantic is just something different. Something made with care. Something natural and organic created with love.

Alpine Rose Lollipops by Cafe Primrose

Today, the handmade movement is suffering as mass production has become the norm. Artistry slowly withers out of existence and falls by the wayside. But there is nothing as romantic as art. Romance, is a dream to be quite exact. Nothing makes us dream like things made just for us. Nothing tells us someone is thinking of us more, than when they are acknowledging the dream.

Alpine Rose lollipops by Cafe Primrose

These lollipops, are not your traditional common mass produced chocolate. They are artisan, homemade with love and care. The rose flavoring, comes from the romance of the Alps. Before I ever dreamed up these lollipops I wanted to make a variety of extracts for my kitchen. I made them all from scratch. Including the Rose Extract. The materials for my Rose Extract, were purchased at a very old market in Europe in the romantically aged city of Vienna. The vendor I bought my roses from, informed me they had been grown in the Alps. How often, do you really get the chance to give such a special and unique romantic gift to the one you love? Take advantage of it while it lasts…. Because soon, there may no longer be creative ways to tell those we love that we love them, unless we start taking advantage of the hand made home made market before it has entirely withered into non existence. This year, make the dream unique and special.

Alpine Rose Lollies in a modern wine glass decked in ribbons for Valentines day.

The romance in this world lastly only as long as the arts do. For when art has finally become a thing of the past, so too have dreams and as romance is a special dream so it will be lost as well…. The most romantic thing we can do, is to leave a legacy of supporting the artists and crafters and dreamers of this world. The most romantic gift we can give is the one made with love and care.

Alpine Rose Lollies by Cafe Primrose

I love you all have a beautiful valentines day and remember the best love is the creative kind.

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