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Finnish Glogi Lollies

Posted on January 12, 2013

Glogi lollies

I hate to throw things away…. I hate to let go of the things that remind me of happy times full of festivity. So, when Christmas ended and I looked around at what was left of the holiday…. I wasn’t ready to let it go just yet and I saw no purpose in tossing the remainder of the delicious Finnish Glogi that we make down the sink drain in the kitchen. I also would hate to keep it in my fridge rotting away due to getting old and undrinkable. So, I have converted it into lollipops! I have never heard of anyone else anywhere else making Finnish Glogi flavored seasonal lollipops. This is very unique to Cafe Primrose.

Lollies boiling on the stove in a beautiful Mauviel pot.

Glogi, is a special juice or wine that is flavored with warm spices in Scandinavia. They drink it right around Christmas time. Usually before and during Christmas day and sometimes even later into the New Year. I offer a recipe for it elsewhere on the blog. It is really delicious juice spiced and heated, yummy….. But then…. To make a twist and turn it into lollies, how cool is that?!

Glogi lollie assembly line on parchment paper on the kitchen counter.

In Scandinavia, it is traditional to add chopped almonds and raisins to your Glogi and to eat them as you drink your delicious spiced juice. So to stay true to the Scandinavian tradition we have added a couple almond bits and a raisin to each Glogi lollie.

Close up of Glogi lollie

We like to organically pour our lollies, (or maybe we don’t perhaps we are just too cheap to buy a mold,) and you better believe I’ll never tell you which!

Glogi lollies all packaged and ready to go!

Here they are, all packaged and ready to be added to the Etsy shop! Yummy!

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