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Posted on February 24, 2013

Lady Of Shalott Soap and Bath Salts  Combo

Lady Of Shalott Soap and Bath Salts Combo

I know you all miss the beautiful food this blog often contains, there will be more coming, no worries. Right now, I am busy busy busy, developing different fun things for my tent at The Vintage Bazaar in June. I am not doing food there this time, so I am lately a bit more focused on fun crafties of various sorts. Lately, I have been focused on bath products. I have these lovely sets now in three fragrances that are all part of my -Literature Collection- on Etsy.

The bath salts are fabulous, dead sea salt, jojoba, olive oil, artisan fragrances and wonderful dead sea salt, epsom salts and few other bath salts that make your skin soft and your muscles relaxed. This particular photo is of The Lady Of Shalott set. I  just wanted to share it quickly….

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