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Posted on February 22, 2013

Available at our Etsy shop

Available at our Etsy shop

I don’t recall where I first met with King Arthur, his Knights and the damsels that grace the myths and legends that have always held so much interest for me. But I do recall reading about them in a dusty old library in my teens, up in Maine, out of books that are hundreds of years old. My uncle ran the occult section of an important publishing house for two decades. He had an amazing collection of his own, largely on myths, legends, ancient religions, philosophies and cultures from around the world.

The back of the soap box

The back of the soap box

By the end of high school, I had wiled away many hours that should have been spent in a math classroom or in a science classroom, up in the school library hiding in the stacks researching the story I love so much. There are so many versions, from not just Great Britain but from all over Europe. A fact few know.

Camelot soap is purple in honor of it's status as the city of the crown.

Camelot soap is purple in honor of it’s status as the city of Royalty

Most people I knew growing up dreamed of seeing other countries. My mother always wished to see Iceland. My dad, wanted to travel around Asia, and my sister wanted to go to France. I had friends who also had dream destinations. My own destination was a legend. A legend I could imagine but I couldn’t get my senses to engage because it was all just a figment of my imagination…. How many times have I gone to Camelot…. So many and as wonderful as the imagination is, what would it be like to actually be there? I still can’t go there. But, I can get one step closer. I have designed a fragrance, based on the legendary capital city of King Arthur. I have carefully read and pulled directly from the legends as well as what we know about from the region during the time period, and this is the result. One step closer…

The front of the soap box

The front of the soap box

Camelot, was a Utopia, full of peace and justice for all from the smallest to the highest of men. It was a place of trade, and of plenty. High end sweet wine, amazing rich food, and knights and ladies. It was a place, where many strange quests found their beginning…. The knights, would then ride out through the court yard and out the castle gates into the great beyond and return when done questing to smell the scent of home, the fragrance of Camelot….

Along side two of it's five sister fragrance soaps, Lady of Shalott and Camelot

Along side two of it’s five sister fragrance soaps, Lady of Shalott and Avalon



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