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Love Transcends Oceans

Posted on February 14, 2013

I wish I could say we were spending today at some romantic little B&B somewhere by the ocean or in the mountains, but we are not. We are sitting here, working side by side on our respective projects. Me, on Cafe Primrose, my husband, on some videos for my mother’s company….  But we are together. Sitting close half snuggled up together, safe, and comfortable and there is a gentle calm and the dogs sleep beside us. I can not think of a more perfect moment filled with love. This is as good as it gets.

Me and Dr. Gynther, met by accident online about nine years ago. I was about twenty three years old. We share this demented mutual love of Starwars. Truth be told, neither of us was looking for anything more than a conversation about our mutual interest. So, I went to a place I had been hanging out on the internet since high school and on that particular day, there he was! We started to talk about our mutual interests and soon we ended up on other subjects. I learned that he was sitting in a small apartment in Helsinki Finland half way through his doctorate. He learned I was living in my brand new little house in Arlington and that I had a plan to fill it with cats and to terrify the local children by convincing them I was an evil witch….. He found that very amusing and after months of talking every day together, he came to visit me in Boston. A few years later, we moved in together in Canada. Then after that  right before my twenty ninth birthday we got married after several years of dating followed by an engagement of several years. The long absences were very hard since often months would go by when we could not see each other.

Today, after an international adventure, we have settled into a love that Transcends oceans, penniless and perhaps unemployed for now as we are just getting home after spending many years in Europe fr my husband’s job….. We find we don’t have money for a fancy valentine’s day….. Even a card is a luxury we really shouldn’t pay for. Still here we are still together we have crossed oceans for each other and for us, nothing is more romantic than just being in close proximity to one another.

We wish you all a very happy and romantic valentines day and a love as strong as ours that can transcend oceans and move the world.

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