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Posted on March 21, 2013

Dr. Primrose's office companion.

Dr. Primrose’s office companion.

As the title implies, We have added an addition to our little city farm of a  Cafe. Feynman The Fourth. Feynman, has always been a blue beta fish. We have had 4 of them in the last 6 years…. We try not to kill them… Sometimes though, they just die. So this one, is our fourth one. My husband, Dr. Primrose, likes to keep a famous scientist with him in his office with him. He finds it pleasant to share his little space with another brilliant mind… With a 3 second memory…. A right genius to keep my genius company.

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  1. Anyrina Wass

    Remember that in civilized countries it is not legal to keep fish in smaller than 4 gallon tanks. Bettas are intelligent, curious fish, and love explore around in a big fish tank. Love these creatures :) They even take over the caves in the aquarium, and clearly haven’t read the book according to which they don’t eat from the bottom. My bettas usually live 4-6 years.

  2. Thank you for your advice Anyrina! In the US it is common to keep them in a little bowl. I will have to look into getting him his own aquarium right away! Where is the civilized country that you call home? And can I join you there? :)

  3. Anyrina Wass

    Dear Amanda, I’m Austrian. Welcome back anytime! 😉
    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll take good care of your little Einstein :) It just makes me sad that these nice creatures usually don’t get to live up to their full potential. And don’t even get me started with the treatment of the goldfish… US is a problem country for the animal rights, but Europe is not a heaven either. Hopefully things will change soon!

  4. emmm enschuldigung bitte warum haben wir dieses Gespräch in Englisch? Just curious… We can have this discussion too in German. I speak your Austrian dialect half way decently.

    Austria, was an incredible place to live. The way you all treat your dogs…. Seriously… WOW… You can tell so much about a country based on how they treat the weakest members of their society, the ones with no voice. I could tell you so many stories about how wonderful everyone in Austria always was to my furry kinder.

  5. And no worries, we are trying to wschedule a date to get the fish a tank rather than the bowl he is presently in. In the USA, this is the standard. I didn’t know it was so bad. But we want our fish to be happy and healthy and to live a very long time and to enjoy his life.

    What part of Austria are you in? I spent 4 years in Vienna, dein/e? haupstadt.

  6. Anyrina Wass

    Dear Amanda, I’m originaly from Arzberg, but been living here and there, and finally settled in Vienna. I never met you guys in person, but know someone who knows someone you talked about you. So you are small celebrities here I guess 😉
    I’m currently in the US visiting my grandchildren, and we visited Petco some days ago. Hence the betta outburst… But I know you are good people, and take care of your pets :) Wish more people did!

  7. Woher bist du in die USA?! And is there anything we can do for you? :) Wow so we have some mutual friends hehe awesome. All of my friends in Vienna are incredible. I credit them with doing a huge amount of good in my life. They have no idea how much they have all done for me. Is there anything we can do for you in the states? How long will you be here? Are you visiting New england or some other region? If you are in the area, maybe we can take you to lunch? Or show you something here in the usa you would like to see?

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