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Jasmin Massage Oil

Posted on March 12, 2013

Jasmin Massage Oil spelled French style

Jasmin Massage Oil spelled French style

I have had a short life full of many things. One reason I started Cafe Primrose, was because I have incredibly horrendous ADD. I can’t focus on any one thing for too long. Cafe Primrose, allows me to be varied and to never get bored as I can change it up however and when ever I see fit. It doesn’t box me in or pigeon hole me, it is always new and exciting and holds my interest. Either I get ADD/bored or something always comes up and interrupts what I am doing and then I never manage to get back to it. The story of my life right there. One of the things I have done, besides studying a lot of music, some archaeology and traveling around the world, is studying massage therapy. I was in the middle of getting my clinical hours when I got bored… I do however still keep it as part of my life, but in a small private way, with friends and family, my pets and my husband.

I designed this oil around what I would want had I gone on and finished my clinical hours. I designed it to be healthy for the dermis and to be light without being too light. It is made with some heavy olive oil along with several wonderful oils that every massage therapist knows well, sweet almond, jojoba, and grape seed. Then, I added jasmine essential oil in as the fragrance. It is fabulous, and it is great for couples. The fragrance can be useful for a deep rich relaxation or it can make a fabulous aphrodisiac.

This is a fabulous fabulous oil made by someone who knows what is best through study and practice.

Jasmine Massage Oil

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