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We Have Broken 1000!

Posted on March 13, 2013

We would like to take a moment to thank all our fans…. All over 1000 of you. Thank you so much for following and expressing interest in this blog. We are really happy to see that you have found your way to us and we take pride in making you all smile and in sharing what we are up to. We think of you not just as blog followers, but as friends also.

Lady Of Shalott Soap and Bath Salts  Combo

Lady Of Shalott Soap and Bath Salts Combo

We want to reward you all for following us in such numbers so We will be doing one of our rare and infrequent give-aways very soon. We don’t want to just give things to arbitrary folks though so, there will be a a small quiz. And the first three to get the three questions right, will win my Lady Of Shalott bath set, the salt and a soap bar. We will also add to this set some of our beautiful and fragrant perfume in the same fragrance as the bath set. If you would prefer Camelot, or Avalon instead, we would be more than happy to ship you one of those with a perfume in that fragrance, just let us know your preference.

Handmade perfume also included in the bath set give away

Handmade perfume also included in the bath set give away

You will need to to win:

Give me your address so the prize can be shipped

Be a follower of our blog and also follow us on Facebook

Answer 3 questions about and from the blog correctly

Share the give away post when it is made next week on Facebook and Twitter

So, we will share the questions and repeat the give away rules again next week! Thank you all so much!

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