Cafe Primrose

Explosions in Boston

Posted on April 15, 2013

I am deeply upset by what has happened here today in Boston. The whole country is probably also upset. It is ok to be upset. We are weakened today and we feel pain. I know. This is the time to pull together and to look at the people within our country and outside of it with compassion rather than rage. As a person from Boston, I urge us all to not use what has happened today as an excuse to go out and do harm to others. The cycle of violence must end somewhere. Let it end here.

We stand with the amazing people down the street in Boston proper. We feel their pain and we are horrified that anyone would come into our little city and do something so dispicable and violent. I want that SOB to know you can not run and you can not hide. When we find you we will toss your butt into prison and you will never again have the privilege of seeing the open sky. This tragedy has touched us all. But here, a ways away from Boston Proper, we continue on with our lives. We smile, and we enjoy the sunshine living our day just the same as we would with or without this tragedy. So who ever you are, person who just killed several people and maimed several more, you lose. You have not terrorized us and we continue with our lives like you never were. And we do this, for those injured who are not strong enough quite yet to do it. We will not let violence win.

We thank the amazing heros of Boston, our police and other first responders for making us proud and saving lives.

For those still in Boston, be safe stay out of crowds and watch your tv for other tips. Be safe!

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