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Posted on April 11, 2013

Five Flowers Bath Salts By Cafe Primrose

Five Flowers
Bath Salts
By Cafe Primrose

You can all see, my Flower Collection is coming along beautifully. Here are the bath salts to go with the fragrances I made not so long ago. Coming soon, will be the soap made in our own very special base made up of healthy things for the skin. We love to go with french, because lets just face it all…. It is incredibly classy. We have developed a basic collection and it can be expanded upon as we get special requests for special flower fragrances that as of now we have not yet managed to add to this beautiful collection. So anything that is not here can be added, pretty much the sky is the limit! So everyone, tell me what it is you are dreaming of…. Because that is my job, not just to create my dreams but to create yours too.

Sea Rose  Bath Salt by Cafe Primrose

Sea Rose
Bath Salt
by Cafe Primrose

While I am talking about dreams…. Sea Rose fragrance has been a dream of mine for the last nearly five years. I lived for a long time in Vienna Austria, which was a real challenge for me. I am a coastal girl. I discovered many wonders in Vienna, but at night when I was sleeping I dreamed of smelling the roses by the fence of my grandparent’s cape cod home that over looks the ocean. I dreamed of a mixture of salty ocean air and roses. So now I have made it just in case I should ever be called away again. This fragrance is as spectacular as my Flower Collection and my Literature Collection. Well now, I guess it is all up to you…. I can’t make your dreams without knowing what they are, and it would be the honor of my lifetime to create them for you, just as I am creating my own. As a shop listing this does NOT include the Sea Rose, just the five flowers. I put a photo of the sea rose here just as another image so people can get an idea of what my product looks like from more than one angle. The Sea Rose will be offered independently elsewhere on the blog.

The Flower Collection 5 jar assortment of Rose, Lavender, lilac, Jasmin, and Lily bath salt

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