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Updates On Our Thoughts And Feelings About The Tragedy In Boston

Posted on April 19, 2013

We have decided to leave town for a couple of days. It has nothing to do with the tragedy in Boston, it was in the plans even before the bombings at the marathon happened. One reason we followed through with our plan is because a child is dead. Many are wounded. A city is in shock and a region is in agony. Many are enraged, and even more just feel mind numbing pain that someone would lash out here at us…. We continued on with our plans like the event never happened. We continued, because he who holds the power wins. He who gives it away to a violent maniac loses. I refuse to allow anyone to take the power away from me. I am born and raised in the Boston area. We are tougher than nails here. They can control their actions, they can use those actions to kill an 8 year old. They can not control my reaction. I simply will not allow it.

We are deeply saddened and we are following the story between visits to the old mill pond and running the dogs on the sand flats. We are aware of all developments. I saw the uncle of these violent children who bombed the marathon on tv. My heart, just bled for him. I feel for the entire family. I can not imagine their pain. They too are victims of this tragedy. I want them to know, their humbleness and sorrow for the victims is touching. I wish I could hug them and tell them, the shame belongs to all of us. Not a one of us saw this coming. Not a one of us took the time or expended the energy to make these impressionable children part of our lives and our city. We own the shame. It is owned by all. Where emptiness lives all kinds of yuchy things creep in….. I find myself unable to have anything but compassion for this poor family and I hope Boston, will find a way to feel compassion rather than rage as well. Lets bring this kid in and lets bring him in safe. He is just a baby…. A baby that has thrown his life away, because either way he has thrown his life away….. 19….. Just a baby….

There has to be a better way for humanity to relate than this. There just has to be. I would like to see the violence end here, a new page can be written in the story of humanity now, here today. Lets write a page about peace and compassion rather than rage and violence. Because if we don’t we will be creating another legacy of shame to go with the one we already wrote that bombed the marathon only a fe days ago and left an 8 year old dead… No amount of blood shed and rage can bring any of the dead back. All it can do is continue a cycle of violence that we need to end so badly. Lets end it. Lets hold each other tight and reach out and be more present for all members of our community. The tragedy is all encompassing and if this child, no matter what he is responsible for dies, the tragedy will be even deeper. I am hoping Boston can find compassion, because it is the choices we make in our darkest hour that dictate who we are.

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