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Posted on May 10, 2013

Old Scale Purchased on Etsy From Colors For Life

Old Scale Purchased on Etsy From Colors For Life

I love old things…. They have so many stories to tell. They have so many experiences through their “lifetime”. The craftmanship is beautiful, and continuing to use old things keeps production of new things for the trash barges down. I bought this little scale from Colors For Life on Etsy, because it was adorable and old and I needed a scale for my kitchen. They gave me wonderful and accurate information on this lovely scale and it lived up to every word they said about it’s functionality.

The Beautiful Old Face of a Beautiful Old Object

The Beautiful Old Face of a Beautiful Old Object

I have been meaning to write about this old scale for a while now. We love the countriness of it. And we look forward to bringing you more antique fun soon. Old things give Cafe Primrose some flavor and ambiance. We love to talk about and share the beauty and craftmanship of days gone by every so often…. And quite recently I was at a fair where I picked up a few interesting pieces so stick with us and every now and again I will share some lovely flea market find or some beautiful object that was either sent as a sample or that we purchased because we saw it on Etsy and fell in love with it.

Old Kitchen Scale

Old Kitchen Scale

There are many beautiful things to be found at fairs and Flea markets, and the sellers on Etsy and elsewhere on the internet, the ones who save beautiful old pieces from the dump and rehab them are an amazing bunch. So are the incredible artisans that also make their home on Etsy. We look forward to a future of the odd post of this sort, to make everyone aware of some of these incredible little collectors, dealers and creators.


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  1. Oh, such still sweetness in this truth! And, your photos did capture it perfectly!

    Annie at Biocadence

  2. Meghan

    Hi, i would like to know where you got this because, my friend has one similar and needs a new face, so if you could tell me where you got it that would be great!


  3. Meghan Donaldson

    Hello, I would really appreciate knowing where you got it, because my friend has one similar, and needs a new face for it. Thanks for your help!

    – Meghan

  4. Mark Reeves

    Where did you pick it up at?

  5. Mark Reeves

    Where did you get it?

    • I believe the answer is in the text. Just go through the article it is highlighted. :) If that shop no longer exists then I have no idea where to get one. Etsy shops sometimes come and go. :) Good luck!

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