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Good Luck Wishes In Rainbow Colors

Posted on June 19, 2013

A good luck at the craft fair wish from the universe!

A good luck at the craft fair wish from the universe!

Many of you know that on Saturday, we are going to do our first craft fair. We have been working so hard to be ready for it. It has been a long haul I gotta say…. But we are nearly there without a second to spare.

On Monday, while I was working on something special in the kitchen I went out on to the back porch, for a bit of air after some flash flooding in this area. And what I saw took my breath away. The most rare of what I always have seen to be good luck omens from the universe was up in the sky looking down at me. It was bright and colorful and so amazingly beautiful. It seems everyone in the area was seeing the most incredible rainbows. So I had my husband snap a couple of shots.

There are two things I have always believed to be lucky omens sent by the universe. Rainbows, the rarest and most massively lucky. And Lady bugs, smaller every day luck. I am hoping this rainbow was for me because at the Craft Fair, I am gonna need all the luck I can get! There will be many talented folks and perhaps some competition and this is just my first try at this sort of thing. But weather it was for me or for someone else, I feel secure good things are on the horizon for us all.



Please come check us out in Salisbury at Pettingill Farm this Saturday! We are so looking forward to our chance to shine as bright as this rainbow! This will likely be the last time I get to blog before the fair… So for now, we are wishing all our friends and blog followers all the joy in the world and a great deal of success in all they do. We will miss sharing with you over the next few days, but we will be back soon, we promise. And then, we will have much more time to hang out and participate with our friends on Twitter and Facebook as well. Take care everybody and wish us luck! We love you all… buhbye!

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