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Our Booth At The Vintage Bazaar

Posted on June 25, 2013

Our First Fair!

Our First Fair!

We are happy to be back to our old business now that we have done our first craft fair. Back to chatting it up on facebook with our friends and back to the drawing board for new fun to bring everyone’s way. We might have had a fabulous time at the Bazaar, but the heat was so severe it was horrific. We have decided that in the future we will avoid a lot of physical labor intensive activities in hundred degree weather. We think perhaps doing the fall fair instead may be a nicer experience. We are glad though that we did this one. We learned a lot. We met some incredible people and it was nice in the morning before the heat picked up. I will give more details another time. But here is a photo of our little booth. It got a great deal of praise. Many considered it the most interesting and even the most unique at the fair, in a good way. It did our hearts so proud to hear that from so many people who came through. Now, I am gonna kick back and take a rest……. The whole thing was very exhausting. This is just the first of many photos to come, and our shop is about to get many new products. So stay tuned!

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