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Cape Cod Salt Marsh

Posted on July 12, 2013

Brewster Salt Marsh

Brewster Salt Marsh

Hi everyone! We have returned to the Cape house here in the condo community of Sea Pines. It has been not such lovely weather but it is starting to clear up now. Because the sky has had a bad case of the uglies since we got here, we spent yesterday visiting this incredibly cool museum, the Museum Of Natural History in Brewster Cape Cod, we could probably walk there from here if we really wanted to. They had many fabulous things a beehive where you can look for the queen bee all kinds of naturalist art, an archaeology exhibit from their dig where they look into the history of this area, and so much more including a show about exotic animals that we would have loved to have gone to see. They also have some land in addition to the small museum building where we went walking their trails. The trail we walked went straight through the Brewster Salt Marsh. So we took a picture. This is an absolutely fabulous walk that starts at the museum and ends on a really beautiful beach and goes straight through the marsh…. I would recommend this for families and couples and anyone who enjoys the outdoors or for those like us who wanted a fun way to take at least partial refuge from the rain onĀ  Cape Cod.

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