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Posted on October 11, 2013

Wilson Farms  In Lexington MA

Wilson Farms
In Lexington MA

Getting to Wilson Farms, in Lexington is not an easy commute, it is nightmarish. I can lose a whole day doing the grocery shopping. Still, I am committed to eating a healthy natural and largely organic diet. I am committed to supporting local farmers rather than supporting corporate farming practices that are killing off our bees, poisoning us all, and contributing to the global warming problems. So, it is worth it to me, to support myself on healthy food and to support small farmers. I don’t just do this though for myself and for the small farmers. I do it for every person that breathes the air, and likes to drink safe water. I will waste whole days of my time to try to make the world a little better for everyone I share this planet with. It is crucial now in the days of Pink Slime, and global warming when chicken nuggets are full of yuch to be very mindful of the choices we make and how they affect us, and everyone¬† else in the world. So though I have to take an expensive cab ride and often find myself stranded out there in Lexington for half the day or more because of shoddy cab service out there, I go anyway. (more…)

Fun And Yummy Popcorn

Posted on October 2, 2013

Cafe Primrose, is the title of¬† a blog belonging to an Etsy Shop owner, an etsy shop, and the kitchen of whatever place we happen to call home. As a blog it functions to share my arts and crafts and many more personal things. Lately, things have been pretty hard… We left Vienna, my husband’s job ended, international moving is not a simple matter nor is it inexpensive….. We returned to the house I still owned here in Boston, a lovely two family, both apartments offering 2 bedrooms. While we try to get our feet back under us, one thing we do is rent out the extra bedroom to help pay the bills that keep appearing in our mailbox. We also are very lucky to have family that help us a lot. So we are ok, if barely. But this is where this blog story begins……

Caremel Popcorn with Cinnamon And Sea Salt

Caremel Popcorn with Cinnamon And Sea Salt


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