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Posted on October 2, 2013

Cafe Primrose, is the title of  a blog belonging to an Etsy Shop owner, an etsy shop, and the kitchen of whatever place we happen to call home. As a blog it functions to share my arts and crafts and many more personal things. Lately, things have been pretty hard… We left Vienna, my husband’s job ended, international moving is not a simple matter nor is it inexpensive….. We returned to the house I still owned here in Boston, a lovely two family, both apartments offering 2 bedrooms. While we try to get our feet back under us, one thing we do is rent out the extra bedroom to help pay the bills that keep appearing in our mailbox. We also are very lucky to have family that help us a lot. So we are ok, if barely. But this is where this blog story begins……

Caremel Popcorn with Cinnamon And Sea Salt

Caremel Popcorn with Cinnamon And Sea Salt

We have been very selective and therefore very lucky about who we share our home with. Right now, we have a tenant that is leaving us soon who we like very much and will miss in a few more days, but no worries we have a new one already lined up who is a very different person but someone that we also like very much. This story begins, the other day when I walked into my kitchen. There was my housemate, with a Mauviel pot on the stove. She was pouring already made popcorn into it.  So I walked over to have a look….. She was coating it in goo and mixing it all up in the pot. I asked what she was making and she smiled a big goofy smile, “Caramel popcorn!”  And I thought WOW! How does that work?!  So she told me, that she coats the bottom of the pot with melted butter then, mixes in and dissolves sugar in it . After that, she adds in the pre-made popcorn, and she mixes it all up together. Once it all cools, the caramel solidifies, this is awesome for making balls of popcorn and you can add interesting and fun spices to give it a bit more flavor. She added some cinnamon, and a bit of the pink Himalayan sea salt…… I tasted it. It was delicious. It actually is not bad at all sharing our home and  space with nice people who enrich our lives and teach us new things. Our housemate was even kind enough to let us take some pictures of her creation. And now, I know what I will make next time I decide to have a snack.

Cooking Up Some Candy Popcorn

Cooking Up Some Candy Popcorn

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