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Posted on November 7, 2013

Life has been very very busy. Sorry for not updating as often as I should. But this week I had a great deal of fun setting my messy storage unit pantry to rights. A lot of stuff went to the basement and some things left for the attic. We wiped down all the old shelving with peeling paint, and then we went to town jarring and jarring and jarring………. Then came the labeling.  And the end results….

Primrose Pantry

Primrose Pantry

In addition to the washing down of the shelves and the jarring, we also got some lovely baskets to help us organize. The best part about the baskets is we found them for more than fifty percent off at a local craft store. We were very happy as money is rather tight lately given our situation. We relocated back to Boston, after living many years abroad in Europe. Relocating also means finding work, which at this time in American history, is sadly not plentiful. So in the mean time we celebrate cheap baskets for organizing the pantry. YAY!

In this photo you can see the cheap baskets we love so much.

In this photo you can see the cheap baskets we love so much.

Well, I have a busy weekend ahead and I need to get the laundry done so I am afraid I must leave you. But, we are headed to Newburyport very soon. I will try to take some interesting Plum Island photos as well as some of the local stuff up there right on the border New Hampshire. I have a couple of other things left over from Halloween that I will be sharing here in the next couple of weeks so stick around!

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