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Boston Marathon Bombings Third Post

Posted on January 30, 2014

I have been watching the news today and my heart is breaking. I am so disturbed and so disgusted by the new twist that is happening in the Boston Marathon Bombing story. I truly believe that it is what we do in our darkest hour that dictates who we are. None of us is perfect collectively or individually and in our dark times sometimes we all make mistakes or bad calls.

I feel like I see it happening here in Boston. You see, Massachusetts, does not have the death penalty. Our last execution took place in 1947. We voted for the first time in 1984 against it. We have since then voted against it with some regularity. I have always voted against it. Since I was 18 in 1998. I vote against it because I have strong feelings about it as a practice. Many people have strong feelings about it….. What it really boils down to for me, is that, there are many things the death penalty can not accomplish. It will not bring back the life of any of the people who died so tragically and violently on Marathon day, It will not give closure to anyone they will still miss their loved ones and it will not heal the injured, it will not appease the God/s/goddess/s/flying spaghetti monster and cause him/her/it/them to give us a more crime free society, it has been proven that the death penalty does not deter crime, it also is not less expensive for the tax payers who have to pay for all the red tape in order to execute a criminal. it doesn’t stop anyone’s suffering all it does is compound it by making an already suffering family suffer more. I have never met them nor have I had any discourse of any kind with them, the family of this boy that took so many lives and maimed so many others for life, but they recently lost one family member so publicly and violently. Now another one is likely to be lost as well, how can that not hurt? The only thing the death penalty has ever been proven to be is barbaric, which is why we are the only society in the western world that still does it. The only thing it has been proven to achieve is more suffering in a situation where everyone involved has already suffered enough.

This kid has proven to be a threat to society. I don’t ever want to see him walking the streets again. That is gone for him. He is also just a kid, a child. A little boy that was manipulated by religion and violent people…. He obtained the information somehow to kill and maim a bunch of people. He was young and impressionable. He needs to be in a prison and a therapeutic environment. He can never walk free again, however, he may yet find a purpose behind bars helping other people to better themselves. He may yet be deprogrammed and become so horrified by his own actions that he does not wish to be released. He may yet, be able to reach other young people who are in the process of having their minds warped to stabilize them before they travel the horrific and terrible road he has walked. He may do none of these things and choose to simply quietly rot away inside the house of many doors. It doesn’t really matter. What matters to me, is I voted against the death penalty. It accomplishes nothing and I don’t wish to see anyone killing a child in their darkest hour. I certainly don’t want that done in my name. Because here in Boston, we are Boston strong. That means we are strong enough to have compassion even for those who deserve it the least. Because they often are going to need it the most.

This is not my usual subject matter. But I did cover it when the event happened because it was so very shocking and so close to home. Some may consider all this to be very political in nature. I try to stay away from politics on my blog. Oh I certainly have my opinions, some of them very strong. However, this isn’t the place. I don’t see this as a political issue, as I said, I have written about it since the day it happened. The blog helped me process a horrible event that could just as easily have taken my family and friends from me as it took the people that it took from the world and their families and friends. I see this not as a political issue but as a massive series of human tragedies and that is why I address it at all on my blog.

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