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The Mystic River, No Not The Movie, The Actual River

Posted on January 24, 2014

The Mystic River

The Mystic River

I have been meaning to put up some of the nicer stuff in and around my home for a while now. Today my husband made the block and a half walk in the cold to take this shot of The Mystic River.  One of the nicer things about the town of Arlington, happens to be, though it is a fairly good sized city so far as population goes, there still remain places like this. Small pieces of nature that survive right along the roads or just off the beaten track of Mass Ave such as, Spy Pond.  Arlington, may not be my dream in life, it is far too much of a big city for my taste, but the people of Arlington love their river walk way, and they love their pond and they love the few bastions of nature that still live here along side us hard pressed against even larger cities like Cambridge. The people here try so hard to keep these places clean but also they do what they can to protect more of nature than we even see here. In the spring and summer into the middle of autumn people buy from local farms in a big parking lot in the center of town, supporting organic and local produce. Many shops and restaurants recycle. We treasure nature here. Though this may not be my final destination in life, I appreciate being surrounded by the educated, kind people of Arlington who work hard and try to support all things local and environmental. This is a very soft place to fall for the time being.

Exactly why my husband chose to go out and enjoy Arlington’s nature on a day as bloody freezing as today….. I can only guess…. But if I were to guess, my guess would be, Dr. Primrose misses the unholy bloody freezing temperatures of Finland, his homeland and being outside today perhaps makes him feel closer to home. Earlier he took his camera, and he took this lovely shot of one of Arlington’s great bits of nature on one of the most cold days in the history of this region. Me? I did what I always do on days like today. Turned the heat up to about 73 and barricaded myself inside. If this lasts much longer I may start to get cabin fever and then only the gods can guess what will come of this blog, as I write all this text myself….

For those wondering, yes, this is the river from the movie, though I do believe it is a very different location along the river that the movie was filmed at.

I have so many things to write about that are right here at home. So many people I would like to get to know better so many artists, crafters, makers, and foodies…. Hopefully, I can find a way to start featuring more of them. Arlington is a special place, between Cambridge the big city and sleepy small towns famous for their history such as Lexington MA and Concord.  Every year in Lexington groups of people gather to watch the re-enactment of a battle we lost that started the revolutionary war. For those interested in seeing it, you have to wake up bright and early. You can hear musket fire a mile away. How do I know that? Because I spent my teen years in Lexington. Every year I was woken up by the muskets of the re-enactment. Concord is beautiful, so many areas around here are. This whole region is highly educated with a culture all it’s own. In many respects we are much more European than American. Many of our cities are old and quite a few look more like old cities in Britain. When I traveled through Bath in Great Britain sometimes I could almost swear I was back home in Boston.

I look forward to taking more photos in and around the area, lets see who wants a feature spot on my little blog. There is a contact me button and we are always happy to hear from our readers. Is there anything in this area you wonder about or would like to see? Or perhaps you think we should take a short road trip? What interests you? We would love to hear your thoughts and answer your questions while seeing more of Arlington and Boston, the surrounding area and perhaps even checking out a bit more of New England. Call it a celebration for us. We just learned that we will be staying here. Close to family and friends. Until yesterday I did not know where home would be next month for the last year, I worried where will I go next how far from my New England home and dream will I end up? Seems, I will end up right where I always wanted to be. And as I sit back relieved, I am calmed by looking at the beauty of the nature in the home I missed for so many years while I was gone having my adventures so far away. Oh we will keep on adventuring and sometimes very far from home. But now, we can safely say, this region, this is home, so near to the banks of the Mystic River.

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