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Posted on February 14, 2014

Chaos in the new location

Chaos in the new location

As should be entirely apparent from this photo, things are in a bit of a state of chaos at Cafe Primrose…. The reason why is because, we have moved! We have moved to a new location that is our studio open to our wonderful customers 4 days a week should anyone wish to stop by. Our new location is out in Lexington, for a specific address you will need to contact us.

We were considering opening a brick and mortar but once the idea was fully explored, we decided that the old dairy farm where I grew up was a better choice. In the basement of what was once an old milking barn which has been beautifully refinished in a small room in the back is where we are making our new crafting headquarters. It is open for me to work 4 days a week between 9 am and 5 pm mondays through thursdays. If you would like to drop by to hang out or have a little visit or to purchase something or just to meet the artist or discuss custom work, those would be the hours you would need to plan for.

We are thrilled and grateful to my family who have once again come through for us when we needed their help very badly. This is a temporary situation for the indefinite future as we see one more move in our future hopefully by the end of the summer but for now we are thrilled to have Cafe Primrose in it’s own little studio space where it is not shutting down the function of our home completely.

Even The Furry boyz are happy with the new location here they are bird watching

Even The Furry boyz are happy with the new location here they are bird watching

It has been a very busy time and the project of moving is not over just yet. We have a few more things to move and a couple more pieces of furniture to purchase and get set up so we can properly organize, still things are going better than I thought they would be and I have managed to get more organized in a shorter span of time than I expected so I have re-opened the shop on Etsy far earlier than I anticipated.

Lookin' real good sooner than expected!

Lookin’ real good sooner than expected!

This is just the beginning, I still have a big pile of boxes to finish sorting and nowhere to sort it onto for now, but so much further along already than I thought I would be. I am very happy with the new space and I hope some of you opt to drop by. :) Come be part of the fun!


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